Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tons of Tomatoes

You say tomato and I say tomato.....I am so ready to call the whole thing off.

Last week we took a quick inventory.  We only have a couple of quarts of green beans, but green beans were hard to come by in Michigan so we are going to have to wait and hope for next year.  Last week we used up  our last pint of spaghetti sauce.  DH and I experimented with spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce with meat and I will say it was yummy, so definitely needed more tomato sauce!  DH also informed me we only had 9 quarts of tomato basil soup.

I had an e-mail from one of the farm stands where I shop that tomatoes were still coming in, so Friday the Finn and I headed out early in the morning to get some tomatoes.

We purchase 4 boxes of Roma tomatoes, and I started blanching.  I didn't have to remove the skin because the tomatoes would be run through a Victorio food mill. You can see a pic of the food mill I use by clicking the link, since I am absolutely in love with it!

This is our turkey fryer kettle it was the only one big enough to hold a bushel of crushed tomatoes, and all the other ingredients for Spaghetti sauce.  You can see that I am blanching the next box of tomatoes beside the pot. 

We ended up with 20 quarts and 1 pint of spaghetti sauce.
DH and I finished up cooking the tomatoes and made 14 quarts and 9 pints of tomato basil soup.
DH and I were talking that it would be nice to have a second canner/pressure cooker so we wouldn't be waiting as much.  When we canned tuna at the coast in Oregon we ran 2 canners and it was so nice.  The MIL called last Saturday night, she had broken the door off a cabinet and needed it fixed, which meant that my Sunday would be spent at her house.  I was not thrilled.  I asked DH if his mamma had a pressure cooker and he said he thought so, and she had never used it.  All I can say is S-C-O-R-E!  A brand new 22 quart pressure cooker still in the box and unopened from 1993.  It is nice to be able to run a couple of canners at the same time. 

While working on the canning I got a wee bit of sewing accomplished.

This is the row from Sauder Village for the Row by Row.  I love the colors but the laser cut was not easy to peel off and was a bit frustrating.  Now to sew it down. 

I got all the portions fixed that were wrong and it all sewn together.  Let's just say that while I like the quilt, my skills have increased immensely since I started working on it, there are some lost points, the persnickety odd cuts with 1/8th inch increments  which ended up with lot of biased edges made me crazy.    I have some borders and they have bias triangles set within them. 

I have had some fabric acquisitions lately too.  I have been working on some yoyos and I wanted red, white, or blue.  This layer cake from Moda by Minick and Simpson called Polka-Dot & Paisleys.
I think it will just fit the bill.  I need to figure out how many yoyos I need so I can continue my mania.  Why does it feel like I have less and less time for sewing? 


  1. Have fun with the tomatoes. I've never canned anything.

  2. I know the summer has flown and I feel like I got nothing accomplished this year. I think it was jetlag from all that snow LOL good for you canning those tomatoes. I have not had time with health issues from hubs. maybe next year

  3. so glad to wake up to a new blog post from you. You and DH are always so busy! Congrats on the second canner thingy. Love the purple blue and green quilt. The row by row looks great. Any progress with toilet training? How are the chicken girls?
    Pugs and kisses,

  4. I haven't started that row yet :) Sorry to hear the laser cut was a pain to work with, tho I am glad not to have to cut it out for sure, still love the windmill shape! Your canning sure looks yummy...I need to do applesauce, trying to decide yet if today is the day.

  5. WOW! good for you making all that sauce. It will be nice to enjoy during the winter months.
    I do like the row with the iron on even though it was frustrating for you.

  6. Score indeed! In the end one fixed cabinet and one canner obtained - well done. I love the row - wonder why the stuff was hard to get off - we haven't used laser cut so that was interesting to hear.

  7. I used to can tomatoes in the olden days...yum! Sweet row!


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