Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Means Sauna?

We had grandiose plans for the weekend. I mean hey, it is September, and we haven't even began to get our wood in for the winter. Obviously the higher power had a different ideas.

Friday the youngest daughter did not get home until well after 7 pm again.  Which meant that it was a late dinner for me.  To add to it, my car had broke down the evening before so DH had to take me, and pick me up. 

Early Saturday morning the rain began.  It poured all morning, between the rain, and the heat it was like a sauna.  So no wood processing, but DH did find the part for my car and began to work on it.  I had the time to sew, and work on cutting up scraps.

A bunch more tumbler blocks.
I also found my Hex and more ruler and decided to cut some larger hexies.
I then started sewing parts together for the ripples and reflections BOM that has been a UFO for too long.
I had sewn this part together with the infamous missing center block.  I then started on the next block section.
I made 4 of these.  Lots of pieces going in different directions.  My friend Jack the Ripper and I were very close during this process.

I then began making these blocks.  Again 4 blocks with pieces going every which way.  I had them all pinned together and tried to figure out why I had extra pieces cut.  I then realized that I had the put together the center block wrong. 

Sunday morning I took the top block all apart and fixed the wrong parts.
That was all the steps for month 8.  I pulled out the instructions for step 9 and got everything cut and read the instructions.  Time to put the blocks together.  I decided that would be something that I could get ready so that I could pin it together while watching TV in the evening. 

I then decided to finish the quilting on my table runner. 
Finished the quilting, squared it up, and even got my binding ready to attach.
 Tomorrow the binding will get get sewn on so I can work on it during the week.  Sometimes it is nice when things don't go the way we want them too.


  1. Serendipidity sometimes makes life sweet!!! Looks like you managed to have a whole lot of stitchy fun :*)

  2. Look at all that sewing goodness. Thank God for rain! Guess that wood can wait another week and your car will be zooming.

  3. amazing stuff you got done! i am in a sewing slow down right now--it seems (seams hahaha!) that I will do ANYthing other than quilt: picked up my cross stitch from a ga-zillion yrs ago, my knitting, yup and even ordered a beginner punch needle kit--oh my--yet more stuff!! Hope your weather gets better--we hear ours will be getting humid again...hugs, Julierose P.S. Just adore that big thanksgiving hexie--super!!

  4. you got a bunch done. I on the other hand have been cleaning......not fun at all.
    just trying to make room for new walkers and such. life changes so fast sometimes.

  5. Los of pretty fabric. Love the runner but I love most Christmas fabric

  6. So loving the table runner! And that BOM. Hope the car is all fixed properly and ready to go soon. Fun calling your seam ripper Jack - must remember that!

  7. Jack the Ripper and I are very close, too, and I'm not even working on anything as intricate as those beautiful blocks. Hey, just so you know, people pay big bucks for a sauna treatment and you got yours for free. LOL

  8. lovely colours you brought together, funny thing about our weather patterns, we are never sure what she will be dishing up for us, you my sweet lady ended up in a spa treatment...x

  9. Don't you love it when Mother Nature makes you change your plans?

  10. I hope this week everything has been going as you want. Love those batik blocks.

  11. Colette I like every project I saw on the whole opening page! We could have play dates if we were closer


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