Thursday, September 7, 2017

Economic Upturn

My previous post got a wee bit long, therefore I decided to make a 2nd post to share what else I have been up to.  Yep helping the economy.

I purchased a couple of patterns.  Kris of Kris Loves Fabric showed me a Primitive Gathering's pattern called Among Friends while we were at the AQS show in Grand Rapids  I didn't see it at the Primitive Gatherings booth at AQS so I decided to order it from them once I got home.

I am stocking up on supplies to use up lots of scraps! 

I don't know how I got a sideways picture--oh well.  It is a Laundry Basket Quilt Pattern by Edyta Sitar.  You can read about her fund raising for Texas here.  The pattern is called Made in the USA.  Read the post if you are interested in participating. 

I am not normally a kit purchaser, but I have seen a couple recently that I just love the color and pattern.

A Kim Diehl pattern which was kitted by a store in Oregon.  I love the colors, they remind me of fall. 

The other kit was made by Shabby Fabrics, it is a pineapple quilt made using Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I will say I am just in love with this quilt pattern, and the colors.  Yep I have the creative grids rulers to make this quilt. 

More fabric acquisitions for the Saw Toothed Square quilt.  I am thrilled to have an orange which is the color for this month.  I wish I had a couple more. 

I wandered to JAF because I needed some DMC floss for the projects that I was working on, which I shared in the previous post.  Imagine my delight when I wandered through the fabric section when I found this.

In February of 2016 I lamented that I could not find fabric to match the background I was using to make the RSC blocks I chose called Navajo.  Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting was kind enough to send me some she had.  I had went through it, and definitely did not think I would have enough to make a large quilt.  Well now I have more than enough. 

Finally I have been acquiring tools to make life a wee bit easier.  I struggle to get my embroidery ready, and saw this on Massdrop.  

Having good tools makes your hobbies so much easier.  Can't wait to be able to use it soon to prep my next embroidery project.


  1. Nice buys--I use my lightbox quite a bit more then I thought I would...both for quilts and labels and embroidery....have fun with your new "toys" hugs, Julierose

  2. Lots of great loot. I have used a light box that Terry made for me way back in the 70s. I just recently bought a new led lighted thin one that I haven't used yet, but my grandson has and he loved it. I think it will have many uses in making stitching and applique designs.
    xx, Carol

  3. Sure looks like you are settling in for a winter of quilting my friend! So many fun starts ahead of you, I have a light panel that I got on Amazon on sale awhile back and love it but it is a bit heavy. I keep telling myself I need to make a padded sleeve to put it in.

  4. Ooooh! nice toy! That light box looks like a great tool for you. Lots of other nice purchases of patterns and fabric too.


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