Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sewing and Searching

I have been doing a wee bit of sewing, but not as much as I should be doing.  I decided it was time to get my blocks for guild done. 

This block is called Twice as Nice.  Sorry not a great picture, of course when I went to take a pic it was cloudy and rainy.  The black on white was the guild fabric, I was supposed to add a cool, bright fabric. 
I had to look up what a cool bright color was.  Thank goodness for Google. 

I also got my bag lady block done.

Once that was done I contemplated....what to do? 

I decided it was time to do another one of Jeff's shirts. 

Three inch shoo fly blocks. 

I am still in search for a buttery yellow reproduction fabric for my saw toothed square block, so I keep accumulating, but not being very successful. I also wanted a couple of more neutral blocks. 

Since the color for the month of September is orange, I started looking for a few. 

More orange and yes--Chicken fabric.  I also needed some neutrals and the strip pack with 24 strips for $12 fit the bill. 

I love Lecien fabrics, especially the soft colors.  I saw this line called LaConner and I knew I needed to make a quilt out of the fabric.  

There was even a free pattern, which fit the bill, so all the fabric to make the quilt is here.

Finally I have class this Saturday for the Quiltworx quilt.  

I got all of my pieces done.  I think we are getting close to final construction.  Can't wait.  Only 3 more classes until the final reveal.


  1. looks like you got a lot done. cant wait to see your quiltworx quilt.

  2. Looks like progress :) Be careful with that strip set and measure before using, I bought a charm pack of that brand and found them to be 4 3/4" not 5"...a problem when the whole point to buying them was to use them as 5"!!

  3. You got me beat. I did one block...giggle. Love those oranges. I always seem to be short on oranges and yellows.

  4. Have fun at class. I have a quilt retreat this weekend.

  5. Jeff's block looks fantastic as does that Quiltworx section. That is going to be gorgeous.

    I'm a great fan of Lecien fabrics too.

  6. Gosh, only 3 more classes - can't wait to see what it finally looks like. Lecien fabric is always lovely. You have chosen a very pretty bundle. Jeff's next t-shirt blocks looks great.

  7. Wow! Your blocks all look great. I love the border you used on Jeff's John Deere block. Someday, I hope to be able to match points half as well.


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