Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Figure 8

Have you ever had something you are working on and realize that you are always making a certain number?  My number right now is 8.

The Quiltworx pattern I am working for I have 8 of these to make.

And 8 of these.....these are a bit taxing.  Lots of pinning, easing, and careful sewing. 

In my Hodgepodge post I mentioned that Kris had challenged me to start the Awesome Ocean Quilt on Instagram.  I decided to dip my toe tentatively.

One kelp.

Kelp 2.

Oh heck go for the gusto.
Kelp 3.

The 4th Kelp.

Kelp the 5th.  Oh look it is all wiggly too just like the real stuff.

6 Kelp...I keep thinking of The Count from Sesame Street.

Kelp the 7th.

And kelpie 8.

All 8 of the Kelps, hanging out together, wiggling and giggling together.  What to make next?  I may go through the pattern from the front to the back, but right now  I do know whichever creature I choose, I will have to make 8 of them. 

Life is progressing.  Between Samantha, and the boys we got the pool all closed for the winter.  Which right now with high 80 degree temperatures daily we are wishing we could go for a swim now.  Per the calendar it is now Autumn. 


  1. Most of my exchanges always want sets of 8 blocks. The cool weather finally arrived here today. Hopefully you have it, too. I'm ready for the cool. I want to get back in my sewing room. Harder to do when it is so hot, since the sewing room is usually about 6-8 degrees warmer than the rest of the house (except in winter, when it is cooler).

  2. Your little kelps are so cute--they look like very SMALL pieces to put together...tough!! Looking forward to seeing how this comes together...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Love them! May have a cold winter this year, you never know

  4. your kelp look great. 8 is a good number. LOL
    hot here too. humidity clings and hangs over us. ugh......but soon it will be cool......leaves here are starting to turn.

  5. Your little kelps look so cute and much easier than the Quiltworx blocks!

  6. Love your kelps. The quiltworx quilt is going to be amazing

  7. Such a great looking group of kelpies!

  8. Overachiever. Yes, yes you are!! Your blocks look great, all 8...I think I will stick to 2, ha!

  9. That's a lot of kelps. I've never heard of a kelp, but they look good!

  10. Wow, that first block looks very hard and time consuming....look great!

  11. Love the kelp! looks like you have a great start! That curved block looks great but I know what you mean about the time suck!


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