Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stitching Along

Have you ever been just happily stitching along and I have a lot to share, but haven't?  Yep that is me. 

 Remember this pile?  Well I actually got it on a quilt and the binding hand sewn down.

It is a charity quilt for guild.

I made two blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt for August.  It was stitcher's choice.

I made the cherries in a 12 inch block.

I also made a spring star block in a 6 1/2 inch block. 

I also managed to get the embroidery done for the sheep.  Now he has legs and eyes.  I am sure that will make Baa happy. 

Also the mixer now has a plug and cord.

Remember my last post I was lamenting I had quilter's block.  I just didn't know what to quilt on this quilt. 
Monday Craftsy had free classes all day.  I watched a couple by Angela Walters, Christina Cameli, and Leah Day, just to name a few. 
I started quilting today.  I was using a Mettler variegated thread, and it kept shredding.  I changed my tension, re-threaded the machine.  Soon the mailman came (he's my hero) and he had a package for me from Craftsy.  I had purchased a variegated Aurifil thread which was similar in color to the Mettler.  I finally made a full pass on one block without breaking a thread! 

While watching the Craftsy classes I started working on cross stitch.

This is the start of a cuff for another Christmas stocking.  It will be a bear in a baseball uniform.  I also worked on the binding for the charity quilt above, and started a new project.  GASP!

Have you seen the HAED cross stitch that Renee does at Hand Stitched Treasure?  HAED is short for Heaven and Earth Design you can see their offerings here. I have been drooling over these designs for a couple of years, but was very hesitant to start one.  These designs have no partial stitches, no outlining, but are very detailed all done by subtle changes in thread colors.  Oh just take a look, even if you are not a cross stitcher, just to see the gorgeous offering.  My project I chose?
Bathtime the original artwork is by Selina Fenech, and is made into cross stitch by Michele Sayetta.  I am stitching mine on 18 count Aida and the piece will be huge!  About 25 X 36 when it is done.  These are pieces that take a couple of years to complete with constant work.  I am making it to add to my bathroom.  Yep it is getting girlied up, since there are no men in the house. 

My first 256 stitches.  I got to laughing because this piece has 262,400 stitches.  My measly little 256 doesn't even get me being .000099 done.  LOL 

Here is my punch needle embroidery which I bought at AQS Grand Rapids.  

 I also worked a wee bit on it.  This is technically the backside.

This is what the right side looks like.  Overall I think I am doing alright.  I will put it in the hand work rotation. 

On another note I have been trying to get things done around the house and farm.  It is tough picking up the pieces some days.  I made a mental list of things that needed to get done, and started ticking them off.

Last Friday I worked in the barn.  I cleaned out one stall, did an inventory of some of the "stuff" which I have been left, blew out all the dust, dirt, and leaves that manage to find their way in, and moved all of aunt and uncle's stuff that has been sitting in the middle of the main area.  It all fit into a small part of the stall I had cleaned out.  So someday when I can do something with it, it is in one central area. 

Months ago soon after Jeff died, the guys from work brough Jeff's tool box, and 3 huge boxes full of stuff.  I had kind of shifted through them but never really cleaned them out.  I decided it was time.  One box was full of his work clothes-  highlighter yellow shirts, some other t-shirts, socks, work pants, a couple of jackets and jeans shorts.   The work pants were too far gone to be salvaged.  So those I threw away.  But the pile of work shirts, all stained, I couldn't bring myself to parting with them.  What am I going to do with those shirts? 

I decided I am going to strip them up and make a crocheted rug with them.  I have lots of t-shirts which were Jeff's, not only the John Deere ones that I have been using to make the quilt, but many others. 

Saturday was time to get some yard work done.  We pulled one lawn tractor out of the carriage house, and then got the other lawn tractor working.  One tractor was used to pull the other tractor to one of the barns to be worked on.  I also tackled the boiler.  I started filling it with water, to try to determine where it was leaking, because Jeff told me it had a hole.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered it wasn't a hole in the boiler, it was a fitting that had split, breaking off of the boiler, and causing the leak!  So with a female hose connection, a ball valve and about a foot of pipe I can fix it for the winter!  What a blessing!  I used a push mower and mowed the side yard, and pulled thistle and huge catnip plants, as well as nipping faded bloom off of my butterfly bushes. 

Tuesday I attacked the aunt and uncle's belongings in my house.  I started with all of the paperwork I have accumulated over the past few months.  I managed to get a huge chunk filed, what was left I put in a plastic lidded box.  One with Jeff's and my paperwork, another with the aunt and uncle's paperwork.  The filing cabinets were rearranged, and then I started moving furniture.  I set up a bed in that room and made it, in case it is needed.  The other bed was stored in the attic.  Now I can disassemble the temporary room that Jeff and I had built for the great aunt.  I am taking back my home.

Finally I had a squishy package from Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting.  Two coasters that match the heart that was made for my quilt. 

Also some John Deere fabric, which will most surely go into Jeff's T-shirt quilt.

Quilting friends are the best.

As you can see I have been working around the house and happily stitching along.  What else have I been up to?  Wait and see.


  1. You've been busy as a bee, and I've been a slug, not wanting to do much of anything. A rug for your home, with Jeff's shirts, sounds like a good idea. As for that crossstitch, no way could I ever do anything like that. I can barely finish one of those tiny 2"x3" kits.

  2. you have been very busy. wanna come over and help me with my reorganizing? lol we would have fun. love your presents. quilters are the best. loving your projects and cant wait to see that quilt all quilted up. fun fun.

  3. You have been going"great guns" getting so much done!! ;)) (a budding poetess here? hahaha)
    Anyhoo, I love that cross stitchery you got--just gorgeous! I never did counted only stamped--I have a butterfly one crying out for attention....
    You make me feel like a real sluggard--well, you go girl..happy to see you doing it all...hugs, Julierose

  4. Busy busy busy! I do not have a list that long of accomplishments just projects yet to do mostly. I better get busy as the weather is going deep fall already. I am in awe of your resolve on that cross stitch, wow! I am planning to start a mega one this winter, His Eye is On the Sparrow by Heartstring Samplery but it is really just a bunch of small motifs. I had to upsize from 28 linen to 14 Aida as I just can't see the linen anymore.

  5. You have been so busy. I've finished 1 1/2 borders giggle. I don't have your drive for sure. All your projects look wonderful.

  6. When do you sleep??? I can't wait to follow the progress of your cross stitch. It's a long haul, but so worth it in the end.

  7. That cross stitch is gonna be amazing. I really haven't done much cross-stitch since getting into quilting. I used to. But never as many stitches as that one! Wow! Great stuff about the hole! Yipee! much less work to fix it. Whew!

  8. You are so amazing with all you accomplish. It makes me feel so lazy! lol Cross stitching moves too slow for me, but that piece is gorgeous and would definitely be worth the work. I love it!

  9. Wow! You have been so productive! I love seeing all of your projects. The quilt blocks are darling! And I am so glad your boiler issue was a relatively easy fix. I love that you received coasters that match your heart quilt. :) And I look forward to seeing your Christmas stocking progress.

    Bathtime by Selina Fenech is one of my favorite HAED charts. I look forward to following your journey. Thank you for the sweet compliment and link to the blog. As for the size of HAED charts, I try not to think about how far there is to go and focus on the progress on the current page. ;) It will be lovely in your bathroom!


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