Monday, September 18, 2017

When Life Gives you Lemons

Remember that old  Mama's and The Papa's song "Monday, Monday?"  Oh today was that day.  Started out I work up and felt a wee bit stuffy.  I thought maybe we were going to have some thunderstorms come through, cause I usually get a sinus headache when we do. 

Came downstairs to get dressed, and kicked the cat water in the dark.  Lucy for some reason will pull her food and water bowls out from the wall into the lane of traffic where I walk.  Cleaned that up.  Normally her bowls and the little pad they are on, is parallel with the china cabinet in that little space, fits perfectly, but there are times Miss Thang thinks it needs to be somewhere else. 

I wandered into the sun room after grabbing a cup of coffee, and the cat had yacked on the couch, down the back cushion where I sit.  Cleaned that up.  Aren't you glad I am not sharing a picture of that? 

Normally I read a couple of pages from a devotional and then listen to the Bible for about 15-20 minutes.  My Kindle died.  Grabbed my other Kindle, it was dead too!  So I only got to hear a couple of chapters.  Then I ran around the house trying to get the chargers to work just right. 

I had some stuff I wanted to start but I thought before I do that, I wanted to get some things accomplished first.  I decided that I needed to make the guild Friendship block so I would be ahead a bit.

This is a modified disappearing hourglass.  I got the first part done easily.  Then had to do the sub-cuts. I had a problem with a seam, so took it off the board to press it down into submission.  Put it back and did the cuts.

Yep you see my problem?  Somehow I got off by a 1/4 inch.  That was the end of that block.  There is no salvaging this.  Now normally the lady that writes up the blocks puts down the fabric line.  Nope not this time.  So I went on a search and destroy mission.  It is a RJR fabric called Happy Owl-oween.  Found it at Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH, and ordered it.  Mission accomplished.  So I must wait for my fabric to come in and try again.

Well since I made a mess of this I thought I would try something new---cause messing up one thing why not go for the gusto. I started cutting my brain worm quilt. I will admit I made 1 cutting error and cut what was supposed to be a 10 1/2 inch block at 10 inches, but after that everything went swimmingly.  In my defense I have changed ruler brands lately, moved from using Omnigrid to Creative Grids rulers.  I love the 6 X 24 omnigrid ruler, but even with rubber circles it slips sometimes.  The Creative Grids ruler I purchased is 6 1/2 x 24 1/2.  Hold the ruler one way the marking are whole number, flip it around and they are the 1/2 numbers.  That is where I created my cutting problems. 

I got all my parts cut.  I keep track of the row parts using a post it note and binder clip.  I bought a huge box of the binder clips earlier this year to help put the swimming pool together.  I will say they help quite a bit to keep my parts organized as well as getting the pool together.  Binder clips are  especially great for keeping the parts in order on my quiltworx quilt. 

I then got brave and started to sew. 

One partial row done.  Yes I know you can't tell a whole lot yet.  I am pretty pleased with the results so far. 

About then the kids got home from school and Sam came down to help me winterize the pool.  Now it was gray, overcast and hot all day long.  When she showed up, it started to pour.  Lets just say that it is supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so the pool is not getting closed up.  We did throw the solar cover on it though to try to keep some of the dirt and leaves out--shooting for Thursday or Friday closure now. 

I did have some happy mail today.  When I was taking the class at guild last week one of the ladies had a book to make quilts using the creative gridscurvy log cabin trim tool.

 While I was looking I also saw this book using the pineapple trim tool which I just so happen to own also. 
Nothing like having a lot of inspiration.

Finally I will leave you with a picture of Miss Lucy.  I packed the parts for Jeff's T-shirt quilt into a shoe box.  Guess who has decided she should be able to fit?


  1. love that Lucy is trying to put her dinner closer toDunkin. hee hee
    love when those days start out. dont you? puke, water heater yeah I remember. and also remember paying someone to come out and figure out why tv wouldnt work. turned the switch off on the wall..........UGH

    Lucy you look so cute and that cute body fits in the box perfectly. dont let Mama kid ya LOL

  2. Yep, cats do adore a good tight fit in a box, don't they? Like the progress you are making on your new quilt...that red really grabs you :) Hope you are feeling better this morning, we are getting poured on too, glad we mowed Sunday afternoon!

  3. It's a day like that where you know you should have gone back to bed and tried it all over again.

    I love how cats will curl up in a box like that. We should all be able to do that once in awhile. lol

  4. we always know that tomorrow is another day but you did get some productive sewing in...

  5. I know it's not probably funny at all to you, but you have a way with it down into submission...giggle. I could just see you pounding the crap out of this block with your iron....Well it looked okay even though it wasn't the right size. My goodness, it seems like you just put the pool up. Time is flying by us. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  6. I hate Monday's like that. Hope it gets better each day.

  7. Love the picture of Miss Lucy at the end. Shoe box - right size, comfy teeshirts - perfect!

    I had the day off work yesterday and while we watched a movie, I did some cutting out and sewing - and I cut 3 sets of squares wrong, sewed stuff together wrong and argh!!! ironed, and pulled, unstitched, re-stitched etc..... in the end I just laughed and laughed - I was such a dumbo it was too funny! and I didn't even have the excuse of using a different ruler!!!


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