Friday, September 22, 2017

Northwest Spirit Dreams

After my most recent adventure with the sump twins,  I thought maybe I would have a couple of days to sew.  First of all I don't know about where you are but it was almost 90 degrees today, with a humidity level of 70%.  I won't go outside, if I can avoid it.  It was like that yesterday, my phone app said it was like being in a sauna.  Last time I looked it was September, the end of September....if my calendar is telling the truth the first day of fall.

I am prepping for snow though.  Yep, I am.  Last year we had one snowy day that necessitated plowing, while Jeff was still alive.  Now normally I will plow if he was at work.  After he plowed that day I was told, "Do not drive that plow!".  I never asked why.  Jeff was killed and a few days later we had snow-enough that I needed to plow.  I jumped into the plow and went to make my first pass, and tried to stop, and I had no brakes!  Luckily I had a pile of snow about 5 foot high and it stopped my forward momentum, leaving a 5 foot mountain of snow at the front of my driveway.  I backed up slowly and parked the plow.  Samantha and I ended up shoveling our drive twice after that.  My main mechanic is gone, the snow plow is not street legal and I knew I needed to get it fixed, after all winter is on its way (she says with sweat rolling down her face in 90 degree weather).  

I was perusing Craigslist and I saw an ad for a mobile mechanic.  He had a website, and a Facebook page.  I thought heck what can I lose?  I messaged him, he came out and looked at the truck.  Lets just say that he was truly heaven sent.  He and Jeff would have been best buds.  He quickly determined it was a brake line, and warned me that because the brake system is a closed system that once one is fixed all the rest may blow in turn once the pressure is put on them from the fluid.  He fixed the line, and I was blessed no more lines blew.  He charged me $125.  Yep I am going to score that in the answer to prayer column!  Great guy, honest, hard working and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg--he finished fixing my plow, and  double checked my hydraulics.  He also looked at my pick up which has been giving me fits.  He put a machine on it and determined it was just the battery.  I said cool, I will run to the nearest parts store and buy one.  He told me wait a minute.  Called the parts store, gave them his business ID and told them I would be in to pick up a battery.   I got an almost $200 battery for $106 commercial discount.  

At the parts store the sales guy brought out the battery, told me it was $150 when I returned the core I would get $44 returned.  
I smiled at him and said, "But I thought you guys installed batteries?"
He looked at me and said. "Um not for commercial sales."
I smiled and said, "Can I play the widow card here?" ( I mean truly have you lifted a car battery?  Do you know how much they weigh?)  
He looked at me skeptically and said, "Really?"
I told him, "Yep, my husband was killed about 7 months ago."
He still kept kind of looking at me.  I smiled and said, "Um what if I tell you a story that will make you laugh so hard you pee your pants?"
He said,  "Sure."
Another guy came over and I related my sump pump fiasco.  The guys were laughing so hard, he picked up my battery, grabbed a wrench and out the door we went.  Blessing and answer to prayers 2.  Got both of my vehicles fixed for less than $250.  

By then I decided I had adulted enough I could sew.  Remember where I spoke of my "Brain Worm"?  You can read about it here for a refresher.  I worked on my quilt for a bit, napped, and read a book for the rest of the day.  

Today was the day.....which fizzled miserably.  The cold I have is not cooperating, it is hot, humid, and I sat and finished listening to a book called Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Then I knew it was time.  I started sewing and even got my borders on!

I used Moda Grunge Little Black Dress, Moda Grunge Cherry, and the white tribal print is Elizabeth Studio's Native Spirit in Red.  The design is Northwest Coastal Native American art motifs.

My quilt turned out to be 86 1/2 x 86 1/2.  The pattern is a blown up version of a Squash Blossom block.  I will start to calculate if I have enough fabric remaining and HST to make a back.  I even have an idea how I want to quilt this one!  I need to figure out a name for this quilt.  I was thinking Northwest Spirit Dreams since I had this quilt design stuck in my brain for over a year. 

I also got another start today under my belt.  I will wait to share that until later.


  1. glad your mechanic worked out fine and solved some problems. you are too too funny. I'll tell you a funny story....... love your quilt
    you are ready for winter now.......warm quilt, plow that works you go girl!

  2. Oh that is a riot--guys love stories about how women get messed up with mechanical things! Good for you to get all this done--
    I love your quilt block--meanwhile, I find myself in a quilt bluefunk--a dry spell--no ideas, no desires etc. Am just machine quilting the two I Spy ones and knitting for a while. Needing a break--hugs, Julierose

  3. What luck to find that guy to help you fix your stuff. It's hot here, too. We've broken records the past 3 days, and might again the next 2 days. 95 degrees with high humidity yesterday, and I was loading and unloading sewing machines. I'll be in an un-air conditioned building this weekend, then load all those machines back up, on Sunday afternoon, in the heat. Where is my Fall weather?????? for the Fall Festival?????

  4. Hey, Glad to see you got some more mileage out of your story. You should try that one again. could call your quilt The Tale of Two Sump Pumps...giggle...or Blessings from the Craig List Guy.

  5. Those are definitely answers to prayers. It sounds like you are quite winterized now - even with the summer temps. Our heater actually kicked on this morning for the first time. Winter is coming.

  6. I usually hate to see summer left behind when Autumn comes, but this 90 degree weather and high humidity leaves me wishing the days away for Thursday's predicted high of 70. I'm holed up in the house doing housely things. So cool to see your quilt design come to life. I just love that tribal fabric.
    xx, Carol

  7. I just read "Down in the Sumps" and for sure you rock in the world of jumping in to get dirty to fix things. Ewww to most of that! I'm so glad you got lots of help with this latest mess. Nothing feels better than dealing with honest people who jump in to help.

  8. Another 90 degree day today, but they say relief is coming. You have been very productive...glad you are ready to plow. Our experience is if we are ready we won't need to!!!

  9. Love that car/truck story! Jeff really was looking out for you. Great quilt top too. Can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  10. Wow! I just caught up reading several of your recent blog posts. I am so glad the mechanic was able to fix your snow plow and help you with your battery. And, I am so glad the guys at the shop were able to install it for you. After hearing your sump pump story, I cannot imagine them not. Sending you huge hugs and hoping you feel better soon. The cold going around right now is miserable.


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