Friday, September 1, 2017

Quilter's Block

Over the past week the kids have all been gone, visiting their dad/grandparents, great grandparents, and sisters/aunties/cousin in Oregon.  I had a realization while I was driving somewhere yesterday, Oh man I am really alone right now!  Kind of a terrifying thought!  What have I been doing to keep myself occupied?

I thought I would try to get some things done.  I cleaned house, and actually put away a lot of my quilting supplies.  Either upstairs in my sewing room (OK truth I brought some stuff down too!), put quilting books, and patterns away, and brought this little drawer unit down from upstairs to store my thread and projects that I need to work on.

 I cut one border for the Black Eyed Susan quilt, and even got it sewn on.  I need to cut the fabric for the next border. 

I cut binding for a charity quilt that I finished quilting quite a while back.

I even got 2 smaller quilts sandwiched and ready to quilt.  Cleaned up my quilting machine table, chose a thread, got my tension just right and hit my wall.

I don't know how to quilt this quilt.  It was a kit, I think from Connecting threads.  So there it sits.  I have Quilter's Block! 

So while I am thinking about what to do....and because I don't want to try to clean off my cutting table of all the crap  stuff sitting on my cutting table I grabbed up some handwork.

My chick from the Farm Girl quilt now has an eye.

So does my chicken.  I thought about putting button eyes on them at one time, but changed my mind.  But simple cross stitches, just in case I change my mind again.   Snip the threads, and they will come out easy peasy. 

I also finished up a Christmas stocking cuff for one of my son-in-laws.  I probably need to contemplate what I will do for the next stocking cuff,  because I have a short list of about 7 more to make.   I thought I had done some of them,  I make the cuff send them off and my mom makes the stocking.  She insists that there are 7 or 8.  I swore I made at least 2 so I should only have 5 or 6.  Oh well. 

As I sit here, writing this post, I am still contemplating how to quilt that quilt!!!


  1. how about an allover pattern like a meander or a wavy line. the wavy line would kind of look like the dust you leave as you camp across the country LOL
    or a baptist fan I always loved that pattern.

  2. What a busy gal you were! I'm sure your Quilters block will pass quickly...the quilt is all ready for you, your machine is beautiful and is patiently waiting for you! Go, girl!

  3. I agree with Dawn, a nice wave-ey line all over would be easy and give a lot of nice texture. I always try my quilting on a little sandwich that I keep near my machine and see how it looks (I hold it next to the quilt waiting to be quilted) and this helps me decide more easily...I only use my walking foot, so I don't have that many choices really. (Altho' I got the book "Walk" about just using walking foot to quilt and I am in the process of reading it before i quilt the grandgirls "I Spy" quilts....)
    Hugs, julierose

  4. I get the same way. it will tell you soon

  5. That is where I always stall too....then start another project! Sigh!

  6. Hope your quilt tells you what it "wants" soon :) In the meantime, it looks like you have lots to keep you busy!


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