Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Sewing Help

Today I  am hanging out and waiting.  My middle daughter is being induced today.  There are times I hate being so far away.  I am trying to keep her spirits up via text message, while she is just hanging out at the hospital. 

While waiting I worked on my farmer's wife blocks.

Railroad surprisingly it only took me 1 hour to cut all the pieces and get it sewn together.  Both of these fabrics were discovered in my stash from Aunt Beth's mother's fabric collection.

Wrench.  This one took me even less time.  I love the brown fabric I found in my stash for this block.  I think this is something I bought years ago. 

Funny enough even though I laid the block all out I still sewed it wonky.  Oops time to find the ripper.

Four winds.  This one took a wee bit more time.  63 pieces in a 6 1/2 inch block!  Maybe the reason it took so long was my helper.

Amazing for a little one who can barely crawl.  Gave him a couple of little containers and tins  to play with, in just a matter of moments, one scrap box completely emptied, the box of scraps that I use for my farmer's wife blocks emptied, a 10 lb bag of chick grit pulled out from under a sewing machine, a power cord found to slobber on, and a garbage can pulled over and dumped all over the floor while still holding onto the tin.  Absolutely amazing. 

Well I am off for a beauty day. 

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