Saturday, August 3, 2013

So Much to Do

Oh my this week has been busy.

DH had taken vacation, daughter number 4 is visiting from Austin, the county fair, we had to take a tree down close to the house, DH birthday is Sunday, and I have worked a ton of hours this week.  How does that work out?!?! 

I am scrambling today to get a potato salad, a banana whipped cream cake, finger jello, and the house cleaned because DH decided he wanted to have a get together for his birthday on Sunday because daughter number 4 is in town.  Lets just say it was too late to ask for time off and I am actually going to be working a double tomorrow!

While I was thinking about it I wanted to share some of the pictures from the fair.  DH loves the fair and his favorite day is tractor pull day.  So my day off we went to the fair.  I had an opportunity to go through the domestic arts building and see some of the lovely quilts.

Wow can't get this picture right side up for anything.  Oh well I loved the aqua colored quilt.  It reminded me of dandelions which had went to seed.  Oh and if you are a drinker, save your Crown Royal bags and make a quilt.  You will win a blue ribbon.  :D

The quilts were not displayed in a really great way to photograph.

I liked this quilt.  All the tiny HST, and the colors reminded me of an antique quilt.

Sorry for the blurry picture, this quilt was simple yet beautiful.  It reminded me of watermelon with the pinks and greens.

This little cutie.  A mixture of embroidery and quilting.
Unfortunately you could not read the tags about the quilts, but this looked like it was more than likely feedsacks and embroidered blocks that someone found and put together, but it was lovely. 

This is the last quilt I took a picture of, because I loved the colors and the baskets and they made me think of summer.   Many of the quilts at the fair were quilts I had seen at the Sauder Village quilt show, or Kaleidoscope of Glass quilt show recently.  The quilt above was made by Bill Kriss, the same person who had made this one.

Also many of the quilts were made by just a handful of quilters.  I did not get a picture of the grand champion quilt they had dry cleaning plastic over it and with the lighting it was just a big glare.  It was an African fabric looking quilt with a big giraffe pieced in it though. 

We wandered through the 4H buildings and enjoyed all of the wonderful projects  but the reason we were at the fair for the whole day was the tractor pull.

OK Maybe not all tractors, and they are hard to get good pictures of just a pulling event.  It was fun and it was a very long day by the time we wandered back to the truck to head home.  Super long day, but it made DH happy. 

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. thanks for sharing those quilts. I like that aqua one too. Have fun celebrating hubby's birthday.


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