Saturday, August 10, 2013

Whew I Made It!

The last couple of weeks work has been strenuous.  Working almost daily, and long hours, which puts a real cramp in my gardening, house cleaning, and quilting. 

Last Thursday was my first day off in F O R E V E R and since it was fair time I spent all day at the fair with DH including the tractor pull.  Saturday was the 2nd day I had off,  I cleaned and cooked like a maniac for a birthday party that DH decided he wanted at the last minute on Sunday.  Unfortunately Sunday I was scheduled for a back to back. (Meaning I worked from 5 am until finish at one location, then had to be at another location at 6 pm and work until it was finished)  Location 1 went for 10 didn't quite make it to location 2 that day. Oopsie!  But I did make it to DH birthday, at our house with 16 people attending in time to do birthday cake. 

Monday was a true day off, and so I decided to work on my curtains for the family room.  I made two more blocks and started trying to figure out how to put it together. 

This is what I got together so far.  Width is fine, length is a bit short still.  After holding it up to the window I decided it needed a lining.  I really did not want to use any of my white fabric and/or waste a bunch of fabric because my curtains are 50 X 26 inches.  I decided a white sheet would work.  Problem:  I just didn't have any white sheets.  I wandered the local estate and yard sales and did not find a thing.  So Salvation Army would be the next stop.  I found 2 twin fitted sheets, no flat sheets and they were half off so I paid $3.00 for 2 sheets.  While not 100% cotton, they will work fine to suit their purpose.  I just need to remove the elastic and take the corner seams out.  

DH and I wandered to a home auction the other day.  There were some interesting items there.

This came home with us for $35.  It is a Stickley Style Rotary Davenport per the label.  Rotary bed means that it is a type of hide a bed.  The color is not spectacular, but it is for the sun porch to use to sleep on if it is too hot.

I acquired this little sewing bench, it is nice and sturdy, and benches always come in handy when you have 20 sewing machines. 

Finally DH purchased this
There is no sewing machine inside but the cabinet is in decent condition.  We are thinking of moving my great grandmother's treadle into this cabinet since the cabinet which he machine was in originally was ruined years ago to the point where it cannot be used.  I would love to learn to treadle again.  My great grandmother taught me how to sew on that machine when I was a little girl.  

I also got 3 gallons of tomatoes picked from the garden, and processed to make either soup, spaghetti sauce, or salsa.  That will go with the other 2 gallon bags I have processed already.  DH wants to make enough spaghetti sauce, soup, and salsa so we only have to can every other year.  We figure we needed at least 60 quarts of soup, 50 quarts of tomato sauce, and 30 quarts of salsa. 

Not bad for a day off, even if I slept in.  

Day 2 off, I have some sheets to rip apart and at least one curtain to finish.  I will do it while I watch the next couple of episodes of True Blood.  

What are you up to on this beautiful Saturday morning?


  1. I use my treadle all of the time! You can order the belts on Ebay too. Check out for help with your machine.

  2. Oh, my goodness!! You got a lot done on your day off! WOW!

    The Singer cabinet is so pretty!!

  3. I told you ship some salsa, sauce and soup this way! You have plenty


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