Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th Already?

I feel like I have fallen into some sort of time warp where time is flying by lately. 

Today is DH birthday, and my first real day off and home without a to do list a mile long.  I was reading some blogs and realized I had not posted any goals for August. 

1.  I have some 4 inch charm squares, left over squares, and some 2 patches from a quilt made with the same fabric and some left over jelly roll strips. 
I committed to making a couple  donation quilts this year and I think it is time.

2.  I am participating in the pin cushion blog hop.  I have made one project, and have a couple of more ideas to go with it.  Now to just get er done!

3.  Ginger Rose is not getting quilted any faster looking at it sitting on the dining room table.
4.  Farmer's Wife I need to make 8 blocks this month.  That seems to be a good number for me.
5. Jewel box blocks at least 4
6.  Country Charmer I need to get to work on this I love it just I have so many projects going I get distracted.

7.  Curtains for my family room.  DH removed the tree outside the house, it was split and was actually starting to lean, so there went my shade, and now something to block the sun is much needed.

8.  Lazy Sunday mystery.  The big reveal took place and I am on part 3. 

I think those projects will keep me busy for the month, and I really do need to get something finished.  I think when you have so many things and getting just tiny bits done instead of completed it can make you kind of paralyzed with apathy for lack of a better way to put it.  While I love seeing them progress I so need something to get completed.  So instead of sitting here sipping coffee off I go!  How is your monthly list?


  1. YOu have plenty to keep you busy this month. You still have time to link up to the UFO post.

  2. You have way too many projects going on lol you're going to spin in circles

  3. You have way too many projects going on lol you're going to spin in circles


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