Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July is Over?!?!

Whew can you believe the month of  July is finished?

My July goals were kind of simple because I work, and jury duty.

1.  Work on the quilting of the Ginger Rose quilt.  Nope first it was too hot, then I got side tracked.  It is still sitting by the machine to be quilted though.

2.  Work on my jewel box quilt.  4 blocks this month.  I got this one completed early in the month.  I actually finished 4 blocks!

3.  Get some more farmer's wife quilt blocks completed.  8 blocks this month.  Got this one covered too!
4.  I am going to finish my curtains for my family room!  Thought about them, but that is it.  I got side tracked with another project I wanted to work on. 

5.  Work on my country charmer I want to complete at least 2 blocks-  I haven't had a chance to touch these not that I don't want to but I have been working many hours for many days in a row so by the time I get home, I wash my clothes, get a shower, and grab a bite to eat and head to bed. 

6. Get caught up with the Lazy Sunday Morning Mystery quilt
I got part 2 caught up but not part 3 because I wanted to do something different.   So I would say that this was a partial completion of the goal. 

I did get some of my tomatoes processed (peeled and frozen) so when I have enough I can make either a batch of Salsa, Tomato basil soup, or spaghetti sauce. 

Did you accomplish any of your goals for July?


  1. You did great this month. I need to sew on two more flowers and I will have reached my three goals this month.

  2. Alas... I didn't manage to complete any goals-- but I did make progress! Not as much as you though! :) You do beautiful work (I'm especially diggin' those jewel box blocks!). :)

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! I'm impressed with anyone who does the Farmer's Wife blocks. I just got the book from the library and have been considering whether to take it on or not. I probably won't but I've been enjoying reading what the farmers' wives had to say about living on a farm in the 1920s.

  4. Love your blocks. The jewel box is lovely.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment. I am really enjoying making the blocks. But I get too fussy at times and get stuck.


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