Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Date with The Ripper

I have been working on these for days seems like forever actually even though I sewed very little on the days I worked (only an a couple of hours!) Today though I was up early and in my sewing room.  I worked on sewing these babies together.

And these.

And finally started on constructing this block.
I laid all the parts out so that I could just chain stitch all the blocks together, finished and discovered that I had sewn some together incorrectly.

The top is correct....which means the bottom is wrong. 
I have a pile of 22 wrong. :(
So I have a date with Mr. Ripper. 

On an up note I won a give away from Quilt Taffy a lovely set of charm squares from the Free Spirit line called World Tour. 

Something about it reminds me of  the middle east which I was fortunate enough to visit when I was a teen.  Imagine being a teenager and visiting the Pyramids of Giza, the Bazaars of Syria, the Lost City of Petra in Jordan, the Dead Sea in Israel and many other wonderful places.  Take me back many, many years.

Oh and this is day 17 in a row which I have sewn, 


  1. How's that date going ? At least you have some beautiful fabric to look at while your doing it !

  2. oh, man! so sorry you had to have a date with Mr. Ripper. :0) not fun!


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