Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Months?!?!?!

Today was the first day that I had to appear at court for jury duty.  The county that we live in is rural, lots of small towns, and the local claim to fame is the town that George Armstrong Custer-yes the Little Bighorn Custer;  is from this area.  Custer lived with his Aunt and Uncle in Monroe, Michigan.  Anyway, jury duty in Monroe county is for 2 months! Yes 2 months.  I received a letter which tells me 15 different days which I may have to appear.  I call in the night before and they tell you whether I have to appear or not.  I was assigned 2 more days today! 

I woke up early with DH today, dressed, and headed to the sewing room to resew the blocks that I tore apart last night.  Surprisingly I had all of them sewn back together before I had to leave for court this morning.  DH actually messaged me when it was time to leave.  The county is a bit manic about their jurors showing up and if you do not show up they will issue a bench warrant! 

I have decided I never want to have to go to trial in this county.  Six jurors are selected from a panel of 18 people!   I was not chosen today so I was dismissed at about 10:30 am so I came home and finished my blocks for the Lazy Sunday Mystery.

 I took a quick gander at the next set of instructions and decided I just was not ready to start cutting for that part yet.  So this was put away in the project box, and Lincoln came out!

I finished sewing all the blocks and laid them out to get an idea of what it would look like. 
I think I am going to love how this quilt turns out. 

Day 18 of Sew every day in July. 
Tomorrow I will sew a little but I am going to instead get some inspiration. 
The Kaleidoscope of Quilts show in Sylvania, Ohio.  I can't wait!


  1. I tried to go to jury duty one time and had an asthma attack because of all of the perfumes and hairsprays in the building, it was Ft. Worth, so there were a lot of people there! I just ignored the next one I got and they never notced!

  2. You are very fortunate! I have COPD. I do alright but the other day was definitely an inhaler day. Between the old building the ancient air conditioning unit etc. It created the perfect storm. Here with only 18 people out of the original 35 assigned to the 2 month time period you don't show up, or do not provide an excuse you are arrested for contempt of court! I have to be very careful because the hubby works for a local municipality.

  3. I love, love what you are working on.

  4. I really love the red, white and blue star quilt. =)

    I have never had to do jury duty and I hope i never do!


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