Friday, July 12, 2013

Whew at Least it Isn't Friday the 13th!

Friday was my day off.  No obligations, no babysitting, just time to sew.  I got over my quilter's block and worked on the jewel box quilt and finished 4squares today which helps me reach another goal for my July goals which is:

2.  Work on my jewel box quilt.  4 blocks this month.  Yes I finished 4 blocks today!

I am getting low on my Kona Black solid which I am using.  I work for the next few days so I will have to wait to do a stash enhancement trip.  I think the original amount I purchased was approximately 3 yards and I have about a yard remaining.  If I am going to make 36 blocks that would mean that I will need about 4 more yards of black! 

This is day 12 of sew every day in July.  I am still amazed at how much I can accomplish in small increments.  I work tomorrow morning, but I know I will have a bit of time to sew tomorrow.  I think tomorrow will be a Lazy Sunday mystery day.  I would like to get it cut up for part 2 and sewn together. 


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