Sunday, July 21, 2013


Friday night was a wild one.  Straight line winds of about 70 mph, torrential rains, thunder and lightning which was flashing so much you would have thought that we were walking the red carpet with paparazzi following.  Of course it happened when I was working on the layout for Lincoln.  The power went out!  I have had little blips since I lived here but this was the first full blown power outage.

DH sprang into action.  Out the door to force his way into the garage to find the generator, extension cords, and gas cans.  I was rummaging for candles, a lighter and/or matches.

Funny enough my biggest complaint about living out here is all the light pollution.  The neighbor who lives behind us albeit over an acre away has extensive outdoor lighting, and they Never. Shut. It. Off.  I could see it being on during the evening, but the middle of the night all the lights are blazing.    DH has a photo cell light over the garage that lights up the whole driveway area from the barn to the house, and almost to the road.  Hey there are neighborhoods in Detroit with less outdoor lighting.

The absolute darkness except for the constant flash of lightning was eerie, but kind of a refreshing change too.  Until DH came in told me to find a gas station.  Um yeah sweetie there is a power outage. It appears that everyone in the area had the same idea, and we all ended up in a little town called Flat Rock, which was completely black and with some of the funky intersections with no lights at all it was amazing no one was in a horrendous car accident.  Since it was black there, I decided to head East toward I-75 and in the next town they had power!  So the gas station was running. 

I returned home just as the generator ran out of gas.  The generator filled and I was sent to bed,  I will admit I am very spoiled.  I love a cold bedroom, and with no power, I had no A/C, couldn't run any of the ceiling fans, and the driving rain prevented me from opening the windows.  The bedroom was stifling, so I opted to sleep on the couch.  DH took the couch in the sunroom.  When the storm died down, the windows were opened.  I fell asleep for a while, but was awoken by DH slamming the windows shut again.  We had another storm coming through, again with the extreme winds, rain, and thunder and lightning.  To top it off the generator stopped working.  Dh headed outside into the storm to see what was going on with the generator, and I tried to figure out where the buckets were, because if we had no power, the sump would not be working, and we would be flooding very quickly. Fortunately DH got the generator running, and we ran to check to see that the sump was up to the top and edging quickly to the brim.

The power came on at about 5am the next morning, and I woke up to discover that my quilt wall had somehow ended up on the floor, well at least the majority of the blocks.  In a gigantic pile!

I am trying to recreate it based upon a quick picture that I had just snapped with my phone before the power went out. The majority of the day was spent napping after the long, wet night.  I sewed a couple of blocks together. 

Even though I worked today, then had to return the grand kitty to her mama I still had a few minutes to sew so tried to get my pieces arranged in the sewing order, and put a couple of blocks together again today.

Day 21 of sewing everyday in July!


  1. Sounds like you had a very interesting time with no power, thank goodness for a generator to keep the sump pump working! I just finished piecing my Schnibble and now need to get it quilted, love yours!

  2. Wow. We had a dandy storm too. Lightening non stop all night and surprisingly the power stayed on. We have a generator too to keep us cool. We are thankful there were no fires.

    Congratulations on sewing every day! That`s an accomplishment. You`ve made nice looking quilts.

  3. Wow! that did not sound like a fun night at all.


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