Monday, July 15, 2013

Reinforcements Have Arrived

I have actually sewn for 15 days in a row now.  Doesn't hurt that it has been hot and humid!  For weeks we have had hot weather with torrential rain, to the point that our fields are flooded.  No rain for 3 days, some sunshine, the fields are drying up but the mosquitoes!  You can hear them headed for you when you walk out the door.  They sound like a squadron of WWII bombers headed your way!  Walking to the garden to pick a few squash for dinner, or to the mailbox be prepared to be covered in welts when you return.  

Anyway Saturday, and Sunday I worked on the Lazy Sunday Mystery from Quiltmaker Magazine after I got home from work. The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter.  Instead of doing scrappy I used some more modern fabrics and decided to stick with just 6 fabrics.  

I actually had to take a picture to keep the order of my fabrics right in my head.  Wow there were a lot of pieces to cut out and after 2 days of cutting I could finally start to sew today.  

This is what I completed so far.  There is a lot more sewing that is going to have to go on with these to get this section completed and there was a new one that came out recently!  

My stash enhancement aka reinforcement fabric arrived today.  So when I get all of the part 2 of my Lazy Sunday Mystery completed back to the Schnibbles quilt Lincoln!  I am determined to finish that baby up.

While cutting for what seemed like forever I did finish a book called In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond.  Nice light, little murder mystery, romance with a great end for the whodunnit.  I actually have the second book of the series and started to read/listen to that today.  Nice summer read. 

So what are you sewing on today?


  1. I've never done a mystery quilt, right now I have too many projects I know I want to get done and have not wanted to do one, however, I know Bonnie's easy street turned out very nice!

  2. I started the mystery to use up some more modern fabrics which I had purchased that was way out of my comfort zone. I figure I would make it and if I like it I will keep it and if I don't I will donate it.


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