Friday, July 12, 2013

10 Things this Summer

Sherri at A Quilting Life is inspiring quilters to make a list of 10 things they would like to do this summer.  Some people listed cleaning their sewing space, working on embroidery projects, trying new quilting techniques, many things on the lists, not all quilting or sewing related either.  None of them have to be finished.  Just work on them!

Here is my list:

1.  Finish my first Schnibbles quilt  Lincoln. 
2.  Farmer's Wife, keep working on the blocks.  I am at 24 so far.  I am going to try to do 2 a week.  That would be approximately 22 until the end of summer and I did 8 this week so I am off to a great start!
3.  Work on my jewel box quilt.  I finally figured out how big I want it to be I need 36 blocks.  I would like to do at least 2 blocks a month. 
4.  I really need to buckle down with my cross stitch.  These end up being stocking cuffs for the family at my mothers.  (Crinkles up nose) yeah I am slightly behind...Gabe (grandson who is now 4 1/2), Nikole (SIL), DH, Finn (grandson who is almost 6 months), Pablo (new nephew who is a month old already!), and there will be a new grandson Cayden who is due soon also.  I am only 6 behind...yikes.
5.  Start my drunkards path quilt.  I have the fabric and played with the template and the curve master foot and truly enjoyed piecing the blocks.
6.  Continue to work on the machine quilting for the Ginger Rose it is big and when it is hot I do not like to wrestle with the quilt and the machine.

7.  Get caught up on the Lazy Sunday Mystery I had some of part 2 cut out but not the sewing.  I think that part 3 is actually out now. 

8.   Finish making the curtains for the family room.  I keep saying it but can't seem to commit to the project.
9.  Put together a few more country charmer blocks. Someone pointed out summer officially ends in September I would like to finish 6 of these babies.
10.  I have so many choices.  I am going to go out of the quilting, sewing realm to the one thing I absolutely know I will have to do eventually.  Canning!  Last year was my first real foray into canning.  I made salsa, spaghetti sauce, tomato basil soup, and green beans.  I also processed a lot of different kinds of squash, but those were frozen, and the freezer is still well stocked.
The peppers I did a couple of weeks ago.  We are trying different recipes, and they are cold packed.  So for those of you that don't can- heat up the brine and pour over the veggie.  In this case the jalapenos then put in the fridge for a week or two.  The tomato basil soup is going to be a must though, I don't have any of it left.  We made 8 quarts because I was not too sure about it ( I had never had tomato soup before) and we ran out by Christmas last year.  So I know that we need to make at least 36 quarts this year.  Also this is my last quart of salsa, and I used the last pint of spaghetti sauce the other day.  Which explains why my garden is full of 18 Roma tomato plants. 

I love making lists it keeps me kind of focused, and it is fun to see what I can check off.  Come on make a list and join. 

Today is day 12 of sewing every day.  Jewel box blocks here I come. 


  1. That tomato basil soup sounds delicious!

  2. It is the best especially when you have grilled cheese with it. I use an old antique Victorio food mill and it separates the seeds, and tomato skins after you have caused the skins to crack by dumping them into boiling water. The soup ends up with a nice kind of thick body more like tomato sauce than watery soup.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your 12 things to do this summer.
    I made some refrigerator pickles today. Would you might emailing me the recipe for the tomato basil soup if it is not too much trouble? I made pesto yesterday with some of my basil.

  4. Where did you get a pattern for the Farmer's Wife blocks?
    They remind me of "Dear Jane". I would love to have the pattern.
    Lu Ann

  5. The farmer's wife blocks come from The Farmer's Wife Quilt book. I have heard the Dear Jane was very difficult. This one has templates, but also has a group on yahoo where you can get paper piecing templates too.

  6. Terrific project list! Thanks so much for joining in!


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