Friday, July 5, 2013

We Have a Winner

Just a quick post.  Thank you everyone for the kind comments during the Put a Stamp on it blog hop.

By purely scientific methods.  Strips of paper with numbers which correlated to a spreadsheet with everyone who left a comment one of the minions chose number 10 which belonged to Elizabeth Coughlin.

Clever idea to make a 3D stamp/pincushion! The John Deere stamp is very nice too.

I have sent an e-mail to Elizabeth and she should receive the gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop via e-mail. 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.  The youngest daughter and the minions came to have dinner, and let off fireworks. It was a good time for all.  Today the minions are hanging out while their mamma goes to the doctor.  Something to be said for a lazy day with the kids.  We can't play outside because overnight we had enough rain to flood the field, garden, and the spot where we were going to put the pool with about 1 foot of water again.  Our property is becoming a mosquito breeding ground.  We need a few dry days for the neighbor to have an opportunity to come and spray so we can resume our outdoors activities without being a smorgasbord for the mosquitos, gnats, and biting flies.

Oh and Pat Sloan is having a sew every day in July.  So far I am 5 for 5.

July 1-  Barn for Quilty Barn Along you can see it in this post.
July 2-  2 Farmer's wife blocks which you can review here.
July 3-  1 Farmer's wife block Night and Day which you can see here.
July 4-  After making potato salad, finger jello for Finn, and chocolate chip cookies for the boys I had 15 minutes before they arrived.  Yes I managed to get my next block for the farmer's wife cut out.  That counts!
July 5-  Finished my tall pine tree block from the Farmer's wife.  Not much sewing today.  My early mornings,and late nights working finally caught up with me and I slept a lot today, but still a wee bit of sewing.

Oh yeah and this also means I am 1/2 way for one of my goals for the month of July which was 8 blocks this month.  That feels superific!

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