Monday, December 9, 2013

An Old Whirlyball Injury

Once long ago when I worked in the corporate world they did these outings called "team building" exercises.  Frankly many of the times it was an excuse for them to leave work, get paid, and drink copious amounts of alcohol.  One outing which I did join was the Whirlyball outing.
As you can see bumper cars driven by a joystick, no seat belt and you are playing a game with a ball and basket kind of like Jai Lai.  (No this is not our outing, it is just a video so you can see what it is like.)  A few days later I noticed that I had a huge swollen bruise on my abdomen to the side of my belly button.  I thought nothing of it.  

A few weeks later the MIL dog was climbing on me and put her foot right on that spot.  I spent several days in extreme pain afterwards.  By the time I could get into the doctors the pain was gone.  They finally sent me for a CT scan told me I had arthritis in my spine, a very small hernia (nothing to worry about) a pretty severe case of acid reflex, and COPD via letter.  The doctor's office kept cancelling my follow up appointments and I finally said heck with it.  

Flash to 2 years later.  I would have occasional problems with extreme pain and tenderness in the spot where the hernia is.  But it is was getting to be more often.  I found a new doctor who immediately sent me for a new CT scan, and then I was sent to the Surgeon.  Less than a month later I have had a colonoscopy, and last Friday I had my hernia repaired.  Now I am just extremely sore, I am not supposed to move a whole lot for a few days.  I spend my days cuddled up in a recliner sleeping a lot.  Anesthesia and pain pills are not my friend.  

To add to the fun-- it snowed, the kind of snow that it is very icy, so DH has to go and take care of the old folks to make sure they are not attempting to go out.  (I already promised I would not leave the house).  For once most of the people driving down the road in front of our house are not trying to break the land speed record.  

DH's ex wife got married, so the 2nd to the youngest of our daughters is in from out of town and DH wanted to see her.  I got bundled up we and went to breakfast on Sunday and that was over doing it most definitely.  

Finally DH received a call soon after returning from breakfast that his grandmother who lives in a care facility was non- responsive and they were taking her to the hospital but they were positive she had passed away on the way to the hospital-so off he went in the snow and ice.  I opted to stay  home bundled up.  Grandma has a do not resuscitate and by the time DH got to the hospital she was just getting brought in, and she was awake.  She knew DH but no one else and they were running tests on her.   DH said she was getting very confused and unresponsive as he was leaving but he did not want to leave me alone for as long as he was gone and was worried about me. 

While I get to sit bundled up in the recliner I work a little bit on some quilting, or should I say unquilting.
I bought this pattern years ago.  The pattern says 1998.  I sewed it all together and then started stitching.  I am not too sure if I did not read the directions or I looked at the example and it showed that the applique was stitched through to the back, but that is what I started to do.  I have decided that I will take it apart and stitch it correctly.  I can handle little bouts of removing stitches a few at a time so maybe when I have it all unsewn I will be ready to sit and machine applique' a little at a time. 

Looking at the short snippet of weather I have seen it is extremely cold, icy or snowy.  Everyone keep warm and I am going to snuggle down for another little snooze. 


  1. Quite an eventful week or so you've had. Get well soon.

  2. Wishes for a speedy recovery. At least you have quilting to keep you occupied. Take care.


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