Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quilting in the Dining Room

Sunday was the only day of the week that DH did not work.  It was decided we would work on those poor dining room walls again.

The hole was filled in.
All the glue scrubbed off of the walls, DH fixed the hole in the wall.  Bye-bye yellow and green foil trees behind that weird wall.  I am sure I will see you again in the near future. 
 Then he did a light skim coat to try to cover up all the tears in the drywall, and where the (what we think may have been primer) peeled up.
After it dried he then had to sand.  And we killed the shop vac.  Ugh!   But he had a little tiny shop vac he found in the garage pit at work so he got the rest of the drywall sanded, and put another skim coat over the wall.  One more sanding and I should be able to prime. Then we can paint.

Do you do this wait before the holidays to do a pretty large project? 

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  1. we just had some dry wall work done in our master bath. the guys had a shop vac but they did a horrible job cleaning up. I swept and then had to use my house vacuum to clean up the rest. Now I have to clean the vaccum. ugh!


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