Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh Snow!

We have been hit with snowstorm after snowstorm.  What does it mean?  DH is working lots of overtime with the city, the youngest daughter who decided to be a stay at home mommy works for a landscape company to help shovel at $10, and I get to look out the window at the wintery lovliness.

I love fir trees in the snow. 

Because his momma was working The Finn came to stay the night, and the next day. 
Finn was not feeling his usually finny self.  He spent most of the day on the couch with his Rheema, either just playing with his toys, or occasionally mauling me.  Finn loves his Grandpa Jeff and kept watching for him to come home. 

In the mail I got a couple of goodies.

This lovely Charm pack and cute card and gift tag from Lesley the Cuddle Quilter.  Lesley hosted the Country Charmer QAL all year and I so enjoyed the QAL even though I did not finish my quilt.  It is a definite one I want to complete soon.  Don't you love the lovely note card it is even quilty looking!

Earlier in December Jacquelynne Steves hosted a blog hop called the Holiday Hullabaloo.  Several bloggers were invited to share a Christmasy project with a give away and Jacquelynnne would provide a surprise pack for the winner for each blog.  I won the giveaway from Connie at Freemotion by the River.

Two beautiful quilt patterns, a super cute notecard/stationary set, and a gorgeous pendant.
As to the sewing/quilting?   I hit the halfway mark.  I have 18 blocks completed. 

While I have had kind of a method to my madness all along-- which was to kind of keep a color scheme going for each block I am kind of thinking that the final 18 are going to be more random.  Hmmm took me a year to make 18 I wonder if it will take me another year to make the final 18? 


  1. Thanks for sharing your winter photos with us! We have only had a dusting of snow so far, and I really long for a good, deep snow! We don't get that very often here in Nashville :( Congrats on the win - Jacquelynne sent you some really cute things - love that pendant!! Your blocks are amazing - that quilt is actually on my ToDo list for someday :*)

  2. Pretty winter pictures, thank you. Congrats too on your win, I enjoyed visiting the blogs that were involved in the hop.

  3. You had so many pretty things to see today.....especially the little Finn, precious !

  4. love those snowy photos.
    Congrats on your fun mail!
    Your yellow paint looks great. I tried to leave a comment on that post but google was having issues. All the grandkids are so cute sitting on the couch.
    Merry Christmas!


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