Thursday, December 5, 2013

Laugh it Off

I know there are many people who take themselves very seriously.  I will admit.  I do goofball things all the time, and I will narc myself out. 

I filled the dishwasher the other day, and washed all the pots and pans.  Put away the pots and pans, opened the dishwasher, only to discover that I had not ran it.  Put soap in it, closed the door.  Heard the dryer finish.  Later in the day I went to put the dishes away.  I had not turned it on.  Hey at least it had soap right?

A few weeks ago while out to dinner with DH the middle daughter called since I was concerned about a post on Facebook about her being at the Children's hospital with Cayden the youngest grandson.  I sent her a text, tried calling her but she did not pick up.  On the way home the Middle daughter finally called to let me know that Cayden's doctor has his offices at that hospital.  DH pulled into the driveway and while I was chatting away with the daughter I proceeded to tear everything out of the center console.
DH looked at me and asked?  "What are you looking for?"
I answered in frustration, "My phone!"  as I continued to chat with the daughter.
DH looked at me and said, "And just what do you think you are talking on?"

I can take the easiest project and turn it into Mount Everest.  As evidenced with my Magic Carpet Ride throw or as I now term it the Waterfall quilt, someone said it looked like water falling.  You can read about my foibles and the lessons I learned here.Now I laugh about it because I set it aside for a couple of weeks, and even though the binding had pins DH was determined he was going to use it. 

Or for some reason I have binding block.  I cannot bind a quilt to save my life, and I sure as heck cannot get the ends together.  I have read tutorials, watched YouTube Videos, had my mother and sister tell me how to do it.,  It just did not click.  Finally the last two times I have done binding it worked.  OMG!  High five!

I write to voice my frustration, but also I get some wonderful hints from people who read my blog.  I thank you so much for all the encouragement and suggestions. 

I finished the binding this morning and I think it looks cool and icy just like the Exchange partner requested.

I put the little blocks on the back so that they can use it as a wall hanging or a table topper.  While my top stitching, quilting is not perfect I think it looks nice.  I love the block it is Swoon by Camille Roskelley.  I would consider this a  modern block and it is a big one.  24 inches!  Think about this if you had just a little time 9 blocks would make a pretty substantial quilt. 

Now to get it wrapped and in the mail and I can check this off my list.

The other day while I was at the grocery store I saw these little towels.  I call them dish towels, others may call them tea towels.
I thought they were fun and naughty....I am not feeling very Christmasy this year.  Think Santa will give me a lump of coal because of these?

Have a blessed day and don't forget to laugh. 


  1. Oh I can so relate to the dishwasher and the phone stories. I do things like putting my glasses on to look for my glasses!

    Your exchange partner is going to be thrilled with what you have made for her.

  2. funny post. I have done the same with my dishwasher. Not the phone though. That cracked me up.
    Your swoon block looks great.
    I call them dish towels too. I hope you get in the Christmas spirit soon.


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