Saturday, December 21, 2013

Playing the Numbers

Have you every started really considering how many parts are in a block or a quilt of a certain size you want to make?  Remember my Jewel box quilt?  I was so proud of myself I was thinking halfway there.  Maybe I should kind of get all my black HST ready.

Looking at my block.  It means I need 8 of the HST per block.  Which translates to 4-4 7/8 inch black matched with 4- 4 7/8 inch cut Batik block... you know the drill draw the line down the center, sew 1/4 inch on both side and you have 2 HST.  I grabbed my handy dandy calculator cause I don't do math anymore in my head since I no longer work in the industry that I used to.  OMG!  That translates to 144 blocks to make and since I get 2 blocks at a time so I need 72.  I started counting....I have 10, 24, 36, 48 all of them.  OK I will admit I have been taking my time writing this post. 
Now I just kind of have to let myself go and finish up my blocks because while 18 of the blocks were actually kind of color schemed these I am going to attempt to go a wee bit more scrappy looking.  I finished one and then I had some chores to get done.

DH got the two walls painted that we had peeled the awful wallpaper off of and because the walls had not been treated correctly the wallboard paper peeled, the primer actually bubbled and peeled....let's just say nightmare.  DH put a light skim coat over the wall we he primed, and then painted.  OK everyone how many of you end up doing some kind of major home improvement project before Christmas. 

Today was family cookie day.  The oldest daughter and her two daughters came as well as the youngest daughter and her 4 children.  We also used it to celebrate Gabe's 5th birthday since last week was the snowstorm and everyone was working.

We made lots of the "family cookie recipe" and they were all frosted and got sprinkled.  Some more than others.

We had pizza lunch, and cake.  Then watched a movie.
OK I know this sounds mushy but this picture brings joy to my heart.   From left to right.
Gabriella, Finley, Addyson, Emmalyn, Xander, and Gabriel.  Love to have the cousins here to play together and spend time.

After they left we at least got a Christmas tree up.
It needs decorations, but I am banished from the attic until I am much better.
Then DH was called into work.  Water main break.....oh well overtime and I have some knitting to do.
Yes this is the same dishcloth I told you I am very slow.  I also have a slow stitching project that I came up with finally for DH.  What do you get the man who have everything?  Including me?  While it may not be ready for Christmas it will definitely be ready for our upcoming anniversary.  OK off I go I am going to take advantage of him being gone and go drag it out and work on it! 


  1. Your jewel box will be done before you know it ! The colors in it are so rich and I love yellow so I really like the paint in your dining room and the cookies look perfectly decorated by 12 precious small hands....:)

  2. I always think I'm closer to being done with a quilt than I really am :*) It's frustrating!!! Love the picture of the grandkids - didn't you know ....grandmothers are supposed to be mushy! Sounds like a lovely day spent with your sweet family :*)

    And yes, we just had two windows replaced a few days ago! Made a huge mess but we really needed to get them replaced because they were leaking. Would have loved to wait until after Christmas but it just didn't work out that way :*)


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