Saturday, December 14, 2013

Slow Going

I am a terrible patient when it comes to healing.  My knitting is rudimentary at best and slowwwwww. I hate sitting and watching TV and really wanted to sew. 

Yesterday I cleaned up the dining room table (no I did not pick up any sewing machines to move them) and ironed, cut strips, marked, sewed and ironed some more and finished 1....yes count it 1 jewel box block!  
Which made block 13.  I then thought I need to get a handle on how many blocks exactly I need for this quilt.  Each block is 16 1/2 inches which is 16 inches finished.  I would like this to be a nice big quilt so 6 x 6 would make a nice big 96 inch square quilt.  That means I would need 36 blocks total and I am at 13.  Yowza that is a lot more blocks. 

When DH returned from work yesterday, he sanded, washed, and primed the dining room walls and I continued to cut, and marked the black I have been using for this quilt. 

Today was supposed to be clean house for family cookie day today.  Instead I woke up this morning because it was just too quiet.  I looked outside and it had began to snow.  DH and I got up, had a cup of coffee and out the door he went.  Even with just a couple of inches he wanted to plow our drive, ancient uncle's drive, and the lady next door to get a jump on it.  I teased him that he just needed a little testosterone. He smiled and said there was a method to his madness.  DH no more and came back in and sat down to drink another cup of coffee and he was called into work for the city he works for to sweep/broom, and salt all day long.  DH never hung a plow today on a truck, but he is taking a break for a few hours to come home, plow our driveway again, and salt, change into some dry clothes, eat, fill the boiler to keep me warn and toasty and head back into town. It is still snowing quite heavily and does not look like it is going to stop for several more hours. 

While watching the snow I did another block today.
It is still snowing, I am all warm and cozy watching White Christmas and enjoying the quiet.  I think that family cookie day may be cancelled since the daughter and her significant other have been plowing and shoveling snow for over 18 hours so far today and they have to go back and redo the original properties that they did at the beginning.

Hope everyone is safe and warm.   


  1. I just can't imagine having that much snow. Here, everything comes to halt when we get half an inch, and if it's 2 inches, well you can imagine what its like!

  2. Your DH is a gem ! Your blocks are super pretty. It's supposed to be 59 degrees here today :)

  3. sounds like staying inside is the perfect plan. I am going to watch White Christmas on Wednesday when my daughter comes over but no snow falling here. :0(


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