Saturday, March 22, 2014

Good Day Sunshine!

The sun shined brightly yesterday and while it was sunny it is still a bit chilly.  The snow and ice are melting and I see grass starting to green up a bit.  Can it mean that the cold weather is slipping away?  Our temperatures are about 15-20 degrees below normal according to the news.

I locked myself in my sewing room and worked on my blocks for the Scrappy Chevron. I still need 29 more blocks to cut up to make 58!  But all the others are trimmed and squared up.

I do this while watching TV in the evening with DH.

I also decided I needed a wee bit of a break so I worked on my Green Tea and Sweet Beans propeller blocks.  I thought I only needed 12 so I picked through scraps and came up with 9 more to make a total of 12.

Only to discover I need 4 more blocks.  Awe drat!  I was looking forward to moving to the lozenges. 

I also cleaned up my cutting table a bit and decided I have so many HST I wondered if I could make a Lady of the Lake block from some of the scraps.

Back to Scrappy Chevrons and I need an inspirational bolt to hit on what to quilt on my Lazy Sunday.  DH and I worked on the quilter and pieced together a speed control and now it is wonderful as opposed to the other day where I was having thread tension problems, thread fraying, changing needles, changing bobbin thread, rethreading and everything and just not having much success.  So now to figure out a simple quilting pattern.

I am thinking of just doing kind of a loopy lazy swirl all over the quilt.  Something simple.  Any suggestions?


  1. The quilt top is busy, so I would say keep your quilting fairly simple. A loop-the-loop or swirly pattern as you siggested would be great I think.

  2. I agree. Quilt a simple pattern. That is one stunning quilt!!!

  3. I also think your idea of a loop and swirl pattern would be great. Easy to do and would look good on your beautiful quilt.

  4. You and your hubby are so talented to "build" your quilting machine and customize it to meet your needs. Can't wait to see how you quilt your gorgeous quilt! Love those propeller bright and fresh!

  5. built a speed control ? I am very impressed ! Everything your sewing is just gorgeous !


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