Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sew, Sew, Sew a Row

I have been sewing a bit, in between working.

DH and I put up a rod for a design wall, but the design wall can be removed and a quilt can be hung when the design wall is not in use.  It was just a black pipe which DH painted and we installed using curtain hardware. 

It is very long, but there are times I need the extra.  I finished making all my blocks, and started laying the quilt blocks out.

The top 4 rows are all sewn together.  The next two rows which are not on the wall are being sewn together, and the next rows are ready to go.  There are lots of corners and points to match. 

It has been very cold around here the past few days, and we even had snow yesterday overnight.  Just a small skiff but the temperature is not getting much above 30 degrees F, so I haven't worked on my quilter much.  I just did not want to go into the cold sun room, also I was having some frustration. 

While I understand it is a learning curve I was having a hard time coordinating my foot pedal, and moving the machine.  I kept having problems with my thread shredding and breaking because I could not seem to get it together.  I have never had any problem when I FMQ normally.  What I wanted was a speed control which is a part which makes your machine sew at a certain speed and usually has a thumb/finger button so no foot control.

My foot control is a rheostat.

See the part down at the bottom is is basically a spring that  is an  resistor  that adjusts current or the varying of resistance in an electric circuit.  Push down lightly the sewing machine goes slow push all the way down it goes fast.  The quilter needed to be at full speed all the time to sew correctly.

The Grace company makes a speed control for sewing machine to use as quilting machines, but they do not make one for my machine.  The Grace company does make one for a Viking Mega Quilter though, so I decided what the heck I am going to order one and see if I can reconfigure it for my machine.  DH was convinced there was going to be rewiring so he had all of his electrical circuit testers out. 

I actually made it work by unplugging the plug which goes into my foot pedal and plugging the cord into the speed control.  DH just looked at me called me a savant and walked away.  Now my quilter is up and running.  I still need to work on how fast I can move, but I think I am doing OK.

I am just working on a kind of squiggly meander.  I think it looks alright.

I also received a lovely package from Quilt Sandwich this cute little shop that I ordered from last week which was featured on Pile O'Fabric last week.  

I thought the wrapping was sew cute.

I could not resist these fabrics the other day.  There is a gray with polka dots, text fabric, little skeletons that we just too cute, a yellow which is American Jane Happy Campers which has checks, flowers, alphabets all in one piece of fabric, and I just fell in love with those little blue birds!  Most of these were actually on sale too!

I think I need to go on a fabric diet.  I know, I know..... it is way past time.  I am only committing for a month though! I know I have several quilts that need to be quilted and they all have backs except for my Scrappy Chevrons, and if I just happen to finish my Barns that would need to have backing of course. :D

Hope you had a Happy Humpday!

*** Confession for some reason I thought today was Tuesday***


  1. I thought of hanging a design wall where I hung a quilt for my closet door. Did you use batting or flannel and do your blocks ever fall off?

  2. I LOVE your bluebird fabric. Love all bird fabrics! I even found bird batik fabric. Do you have plans for your bird fabric or did it just beg to come live with you?

  3. Your quilt rows are so beautiful...what a stunning quilt you will have. You and your hubby can do anything! Fantastic that your quilting machine is all set up...your quilting looks terrific!

  4. You are a savant!! LOL! Have fun quilting!

  5. Thinking about a border like your quilt on my swoon quilt. Love your quilting set up

  6. so great to see you figured out your quilting machine and you are using it.


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