Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things I Do to Make DH Crazy

I love my hubby and he is sooo patient with me!  But I know there are things I do that make him crazy.

1.  I save plastic grocery bags.  I use them to line the little garbage cans in the bathroom, bedrooms, and my sewing room.  They also come in handy when there are little people around to enclose a very dirty, stinky diaper, or to send home wet, muddy clothes after playing on the farm.

2.  I save big garbage bags.  I have a "can" bin where we put soda cans and bottles and that bin is lined with plastic garbage bags.  When I return the cans to the store for the deposit, I save the bags, and reuse them.  If I have multiple bags of cans and bottles the extra bags go into the bottom of the garbage can and I just grab the next bag when the one above is full.

3.  I stock up on certain items when they are on sale-  Coffee when it is only $7 or less a can as compared to $11so I will buy 3-4 cans.

4.  There are items I have a tendency to purchase every time I go to a certain store.  Dishwasher pods, now many people do not like them, or swear by the powder, or liquid, but I kind of like the fact that it is the perfect amount.  Same goes with laundry detergent.

We stopped at Joann's and picked up 3 yards of "utility fabric" which is kind of heavy muslin looking fabric but it has the weight of cotton duck.  I decided I wanted a new rotary cutter. DH looked at me and asked why do you need another cutter?  I explained that when I sew in my sewing room I lay blocks out on my cutting table and soon there is not much room.  If I have to cut yardage I need more room and so I cut on the dining room table.  The problem is I get tired of carrying my cutter back and forth.  Sew much to DH chagrin I now own another rotary cutter.  I only own 8. 
 DH looked at the design wall and asked if I felt it absolutely necessary to put holes in the wall.  I just looked at him, smiled sweetly and said:  But honey this is the unfinished wall and after we peel that horrendous wallpaper you will have to fix it anyway.

He just shook his head and said ok, kissed me and walked away.   

I have been working on my Scrappy Chevron blocks but after making so many I decided I needed to calculate what I needed to make sure I have enough of all the basic units sewn together so that I am not unsewing.
I am pretty excited about how it is turning out.  I know I will move blocks around once I have them all finished but it is nice to get an idea of how it will look together. 


  1. I drive my husband crazy in the same ways! I'm putting up picture everywhere and my husband finally gave up on saying something to me - LOL

  2. Oh I think we all have ways of either annoying the heck out of them, or totally baffling them with our forms of logic!

  3. Love, love, love your scrappy Chevrons! Maybe I'll go buy another rotary cutter today. I think I only have 4! LOL!

  4. I only have three, love you blocks

  5. I only have two!!! I think I need to go shopping! Ha!

  6. I too have many rotary cutters. I got mine for a different reason. I could not FIND mine so got another etc. LOL and scissors? we won't go there!
    but if mama is happy, everyone is happy right?


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