Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lucy You Got Some Explaining to Do

I said I was supporting the economy.

I won a $10 Gift Certificate from The Fab Shop Hop for a shop called Common Thread Quilting in Waxahachie, Texas.  The shop has lovely reproduction fabrics, I thought a couple would be nice to supplement my scraps for my Farmer's Wife.  I also bought a new pair of embroidery scissors.

I also purchased some Bella Solids from Thousands of Bolts to see if they would go with my fabrics that I have been putting aside for my swoon.  I tried a couple of different greens, and blues, a pink, and yellow.
Now I try to keep track of what I purchase that way I know if I am missing a package.

The other day I received 2 packages.

These lovely fat quarters from Southern Fabrics.  All lovely whites, blacks,and grays by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit the name of the line was True Colors.  I was pretty sure that I had not purchased these and there was nothing on the packing slip.

The same day I received another package with these gorgeous Batiks from Emerald City Fabrics.  I have purchased fabrics from them in the past, but not for several years. DH just kind of shook his head and said, honey you are getting  closed to Critical Mass in your sewing room, you should use some of the fabric before enhancing anymore.   I looked at the packing slip. It was a birthday gift from my Gorgeous SIL, my oh so fortunate Baby Brother who is married to this goddess, the winsome Pablo (the progeny), and Tractor the dog.  What a cool gift, and I got a free esplainin for me!

Yesterday while I was at work I got a text message.  I ignored it until I was finished for the day.  The text was from DH and it was a pic of this beauty.
It is a singer 66K made in 1914, but what is the coolest part of it is the decal is a Lotus Flower.  You see many of the Red Eye, and the Sphinx models but I don't see many of the Lotus Flower decals. DH found her in the garbage pit.  At first he saw a cabinet that looked like it may have been for a white sewing machine.  We need some parts for a couple of whites, so he jumped into the dumpster and started digging.  Unfortunately the cabinet was destroyed completely, but laying there was this beauty.  She looks like she was used quite a bit, her bed decals are really well worn, but the rest of the decals are so beautiful.  

While many of us are doing block exchanged, Row round robins, QAL Kevin over at his blog Kevin the Quilter is doing a block drive. He would love to make a few more Quilts of Valor to be presented in July.  He has a tutorial for the block on his blog and looks like oodles of fun.  Kevin will be accepting blocks until 6/1/2014.

I have had several really long work days so not much sewing going on.  I think I am having sewing withdrawals though so I plan on doing a bit today. I cannot believe that it is the 6th of March already. 


  1. I really want a Lotus flower! I saw one once, it was in a treadle cabinet and had an original hand crank on it, they wanted $150 but I only had a little over $100 on me and they refused to come down any. How exciting to get one for free! Are you going to put her in a treadle cabinet or make her a hand crank?

  2. Wow, what a find! It is beautiful! Looks like you have some fun fabric to play with. :O)

  3. Sounds like a great day! Lovely fabric and a new sewing machine to play with! The birthday continues!

  4. Wonderful fabrics, every one. I can NOT believe that machine was in the dumpster! What was someone thinking to toss out a beauty like that without even taking it to an antique store of sewing machine shop? What good fortune for you!

    1. Thank you. There are a lot of people that seem to throw things in the dumpster that they do not see a value in because it does not fit within the mold of what they value. DH has brought home several sewing machines for me and I have actually fixed 2-3 and given them to friends who wanted to learn to sew.

  5. Wow, what a great find. How fun to come upon treasures like that!!

    You amaze me at much sewing you get done and working full time. Love your new fabrics!

  6. nice purchases. the pastel fabrics remind of spring.
    wow! how could someone throw that machine away!


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