Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reading and Goals

I listen to books on my Kindle while I sew and cut.  I usually get free books via an e-mail newsletter called Kindle Daily Deals. While all of the books are not the best I have expanded what I read greatly.

Recently I wrote here about a book called A Wilder Rose.  I thoroughly enjoyed it probably even more so since there have been several shows on PBS recently about some of the New Deal programs, and this book mentioned some of these programs and expanded a bit more.  The next book I started was "The Ghosts of Varner Creek" and I am not too sure if I am becoming more introspective or what, but the story really caught my attention, and I found myself thinking about the story line while I am at work, and really wanting to get back to it. I finally finished it and was very impressed.  Now to find a new book for today. 

February was a busy month.  Lots of snow!  I learned to plow which I am pretty excited about.

1.  I finished the Flimsy of the Lazy Sunday Mystery

 2.  Finished my 8 blocks for the Farmer's Wife 58 done over halfway there!
3.  I neglected the Barns, but purchased fabrics for the next set of sashing.
4.  Aurifil block of the month
And I started to work on my newest project. A scrappy chevron.
I have about 26 blocks made so far.  Well I have more than that made but I have a bunch of trimming to do.  More on that on a later post. 

In January I read 5 books, and I finished 5 books this month too.  So for 2014 I have read 10  books so far.

Not too shabby for reaching goals for the month.  


  1. a scrappy chevron? can't wait to see more.

  2. I have the second book you mentioned on my Kindle but haven't read it yet...just moved it up the list. :) blessings, marlene


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