Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I worked yesterday and sent DH a text I would love to go out to dinner.  We had a couple of errands to run after work and I only got home a few minutes before DH.  Just enough time to change my clothes and wash up a bit.

We took a card to a cousin who recently lost her daughter to Melanoma Cancer.  Sarah was 31 years old and leaves two beautiful children.  It has been a very sad time in our family.  Lots of regrets, and thoughts on what could have been, but DH as the oldest male has decided to resolve the problems and take charge.  That is what is sooo great about him.

 Stop 2 before dinner was to take us to the MIL's house to deliver a crochet butterfly that she had dropped at our house accidentally.  The MIL decided she wanted to go out to dinner with us, and DH, I think tried to discourage her. The MIL is not very adventuresome when it comes to cuisine and I wanted to go to a small restaurant called The Alex Kabob House which is basically Lebanese food.   MIL said she wanted to try it so off we went.  We usually order Crushed Lentil Soup, Toum (garlic paste), pita, Tabbouleh (salad), a pilaf rice, and grilled deboned chicken.  I showed the MIL how I eat it and she dove right in.  I think she actually enjoyed the dinner. 

I woke up this morning fully expecting DH to be gone and 2-3 inches of snow on the ground- the forecast was that the snow was supposed to start at about 1 am.  Looked out the window.  I could still see gravel on the driveway and it had just started snowing.  Went downstairs and DH was sitting on the couch.  He had awoke early to plow the drive, and the neighbor's drive and there was nothing.  I am sure there were some people who were really disappointed-  every municipality in the area had declared a snow emergency and almost every district in the state had decided to cancel school. 

It has finally started to snow, I have dinner in the crock pot cooking (DH took the truck and I was forbidden to leave the house), the dishes are done, and I can spend the rest of my day sewing.  

I decided to use one of the unfinished walls in the dining room to pin up my design wall which is just a yard of flannel which I purchased a couple of years ago.

My Scrappy Chevron Quilt is coming along quite nicely.  

And I love bright colors on gloomy days like this.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my sister in Oregon!  There are times I miss being near my family.


  1. I am so over the snow. It's time for SPRING!!

    Your scrappy chevron quilt is really neat!!

  2. I love bright colors glad it is not snowing here. Beautiful day yesterday but today it is chilly.

  3. Wow! Your scrappy chevron is gorgeous already! Will look forward to seeing it grow!


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