Monday, March 10, 2014


GWP is jargon that is used in marketing which means Gift With Purchase which is normally used by cosmetic and perfume companies.  DH says he gets them for purchasing tools at times also. 

I love it when I order fabric online and I get a small gift with puGWP.  I once had a block of the month that each month I got a charm square. I have received pencils, fabric marking pens, tea, patterns, seam guides, and pencils.  I even like the little cards with the different sizes of mattress measurements so you know how big to make a quilt.

I finished up my last 4 Farmer's Wife blocks for this month.  All 8 are completed for the month! 

Grape Basket



Prairie Queen
It is exciting to be on the downhill side of this quilt.  Only 44 more blocks to go!  That also means if I stick with my 8 a month that I will have all of my blocks completed by August. 

I decided I would work a bit on the quilt called Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell.  I have read different opinions regarding the quilt, and reading the pattern it is similar to doing the Farmer's Wife.  Just some shapes but no real measurements.  I started measuring the templates and had to remember to add a 1/4 inch seam.  The squares and rectangles were easy to calculate but there were some triangles, hexagons, clam shells, and wedges which were not so easy to measure.  Therefore I photocopied the template page, and cut them out.  pasted them to a piece of thin cardboard (I did not have any template plastic)  and cut 1/4 inch bigger. 

An example is the propeller blade.  I cut it out and glued it to the cardboard with the marking up as the directions states.  But if you look at the pattern it is actually backwards which after cutting 8 propeller blades for one block I realized is actually of backwards. Orphan block.   Grrrr....I made two of the propellers after I figured out that it was backward.

Only 14 more to go! 
I also made the one block called the Wedding Chain Block.
I had fun making these blocks from scraps sitting on my cutting table, and I love the bright and happy fabrics.

I got some more done today but I will share that tomorrow. 

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  1. fun fabrics for your "tea" quilt. good looking farmer block. I really like the yellow fabric in the morning block.


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