Friday, March 28, 2014

Quilter's Spread

Wow I have "Quilter's Spread".  No I am not talking about that one which is anatomical which I know kind of just happens with eating too much chocolate, and not enough exercise.  I am talking about the kind of spread which happens when you have multiple projects going on multiple machines, or other quilty goings on.

This morning while sitting having a cup of coffee with DH before he left for work I realized how really bad it was! 

Barn quilts getting their white sashing on the Singer 15. 

Cutting flying geese on the couch while watching TV with DH for a quilt which was started over 30 years ago.
Strip swap strips laid out on the dining room table as well as Scrappy Chevrons quilt blocks.
Scrappy Chevrons on the wall in the dining room.  Halfway finished!

The quilter in the sun room.

That does not include my sewing room which once again *hanging my head in shame* is a disaster!

DH jokingly says that does not include the boys room which has two machines, the guest room which has several, the sewing machine in the kitchen, dining room, and front parlor, or the basement.  Oh yeah I have a couple in the garage, and his man cave/the barn!  And yes there is another machine in the sun room other than my quilter. 

Sew in an attempt to get control.  I sorted the strips for the swap and got them mailed out early this morning.  Would you believe the post office is open at 7:30 am?  I don't go out that early unless absolutely necessary.  One mess down. 

I worked on my Scrappy Chevrons, and alternated between it and the barns getting the white sashing.

2 more rows of the scrappy Chevrons and one barn completely sashed.  I changed up the pattern compared to what was originally written.

I think it turned out cute sew far. 

Do you experience spread?


  1. I have not settled into this house fully yet, but i know the spread will happen soon enough. I love how your barn turned out!

  2. This was such a fun post to read...and yes, I am experiencing both kinds of quilter's spread!

  3. Great projects! Yes, I have quilter's spread all over the place and I need to go on a diet for my other quilter's spread. Can I hook my sewing machine up to the treadmill?

  4. Oh yes indeed! I experience spread too :) In fact, I know very few quilters who don't :) But I don't have quite as many machines as you do! i just acquired a new one when my husband's father died - a Singer 99K which I'm excited about. My sewing room is a disaster though - a complete wreck! I love your scrappy chevrons - that pattern is on my To Do list!

  5. I used to have lots of machines like that - eventually, during one of my moves I just got rid of all but my grandmother's treadle, my Featherweight and my newest Janome that I use most of the time. However, there are some days when I sure wish for the others back. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Unfortunately I don't really have room for the quilting type of spread. If I want to quilt, I have to put the sewing away and the cutting table/ironing table/worktable is taken down so I can put the quilting frame up. I do however have the other type of quilters' spread!

  7. I do experience spread even though I only have one sewing machine that I work with. I have piles of stuff that I take turns working on but sometimes there is more than one pile out.
    I love your chevron blocks so far!


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