Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aimless April

I felt rather aimless at the beginning of this month when it came down to making some goals.  Even though I am kind of aimless I have done some things. 

I did get all 8 of my Farmer's Wife Blocks completed.
I have 74 blocks finished.  When you consider there are only 111,  I can't believe that I am almost there.

I finished my Aurifil Block of the month for April.  It is the bear paw in the upper left hand corner of the picture.
Still trying to stick with the red and white theme.  This block was cool because you did a little running stitch all around the bear paw. Kind of trying to figure out if I am lovin' the striped fabric or not. 

Finally I got the Hidden Star block done for the QAL from the Batik group I belong to on My Quilt Place.
The background fabric I chose has pinks, oranges and yellows which I think will be fun because I am going to use Green, Orange, and Yellow for the blocks.  I have some connector blocks I may work on too. 

I am getting my flying geese sewn together pretty quickly using as a leader and ender project.  I may need to consider another one soon.
 I have also been working on my sashing for my barns- it is trudging along I just can't seem to find a groove.
I did pick up a project and start working on it again.  My Hexie flowers.

I removed the 2nd round of hexies because the fabric I had chosen when I cut and sewed originally was fraying horrendously, which I did not realize until I had several hexies sewn and attached.   I have been working on my hexies which is kind of relaxing.

I also started using a bench and an old cutting mat to cut in the evening while watching TV with DH.  I have been cutting these parts.  The little bench cutting board has come in quite handy.  During the day I will cut a few strips so that I can work on cutting the parts for a block, or quilt. 

What do you do when you feel the doldrums hit?


  1. There's a lot going on there for someone who's feeling aimless! When I get like that I often grab a quilt magazine and sit and read, I find that can spark off some sort of thought process that gets me going again.

  2. I have to agree that you have plenty of wonderful projects going on!! I haven't even started on my April Aurifil block but I really like yours!

  3. I like the red stripe on your bear paw block.
    When I get the doldrums usually reading blogs gets me excited again. Sometimes I just make my self go in the sewing room and I am ready to sew again.

  4. Keep on puttering along and one day you will have a huge bunch of finished projects! I LOVE your quilt barns!
    Pugs and kisses,

  5. Sometimes it is better not to set goals and just do whatever you feel like doing at the moment, less pressure that way.


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