Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stripping Along

My yard looks pretty good after all the work last week, and it has been a wee bit chilly since our 3 day marathon of yard work.  I am taking a short break from stash control since my boxes are kind of packed.  I have been working on the fabric folding and life is buzzing right along.

I did iron some of the larger pieces so they are ready to cut up when I need something to do.
All my scrap boxes.  I am going to need bigger ones since these are pretty packed.

What is so cool about having my scraps more manageable?

I threw these two lozenges block sets together for the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt in just 1/2 hour when I finally picked my fabrics. 

And I started getting ready for the next block with looks like a hexagon wagon wheel. 
I created my templates again on cardboard except for the rectangular pieces.  I think I need to make three of these but haven't gotten any further than my templates. 

I finally slowed down to make my block for the My Quilt Place Block of the Month we are doing.  This is Wyoming Valley from Quilter's Cache, and it was the block that my mom chose.  I am kind of enjoying the slow go for this one. Obviously my marking for the 1/4 inch on my featherweight is scant because by the time I had this block done it was more of a 12 3/4 inch block. I trimmed it down some but am not quite 12 1/2 yet. 

I kind of like the slow pace of just puttering along at times.  We have a beautiful sunny Saturday so it looks like the lawn will get mowed, and hopefully DH will roll the lawn to kind of even it out a bit so it isn't quite so bumpy. Hope your Saturday is just as lovely.


  1. Love the cheerful colors in you Green Tea and Sweet Beans blocks! Do you and your Mom quilt together? I like the Wyoming Valley block too. That darn 1/4 inch seam, why is it so hard to get right?

  2. I organized some of my fabrics, too, and it's made it so easy to find what I need. The only bad thing is that I'm having to crawl over the rest of the stuff I'm organizing to get to my fabrics. Ugh! Hopefully, I'll have it all cleaned up this week. It's nice that you're having some slow sewing and relaxing time on those cute blocks. :O)

  3. Its hard work getting them all organized, but once its done, it is so worth it!!

  4. I think that is why I share my scraps with my applique bee. I really don't want to take the time to get them organized.


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