Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Work

I know many people think housework is cleaning.  I do that off and on all day long.  My house is not spotless by any stretch of the imagination but it isn't terrible either.

We had one more wall in the dining room to peel that ugly green embossed vinyl wallpaper.  DH and I got to it on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon it was all off.  Again it will need a good scrubbing, the a skim coat of plaster to fix holes, and stuff.  If you are going to do something do it right the first time.  Use good tools, such as primer and make sure it is thoroughly mixed!  That is why we have been having so many problems getting the wallpaper off.  Cheap primer, inadequately mixed, applied to a wall which had not been washed to make sure it was dust free.

I know you can't tell but this room as a popcorn ceiling too.  The ultimate in YUCK!  When you live in an old farmhouse dirt, dust and cobwebs are an everyday fight.  With a popcorn ceiling it is a losing battle it got gray and dingy looking with cobwebs stuck up in the popcorn, impossible to clean.  DH and I read if you wet it down it will scrape right off.  Sunday while I was at work DH got a good portion of the ceiling scraped it looks so much better. Will take a few more days, then lots of sanding but this room is coming together.

I have gotten a few quilty things accomplished the last couple of days.
Birds in the Air


Cups & Saucers

Postage Stamp

Rainbow Flowers

Strawberry Basket

Buzzard's Roost

All my Farmer's Wife blocks are done for the month.  I have been working on my ancient flying geese as a leader and ender project.

I can't believe how many you can make up while sewing just 8 blocks!

Well off to get ready for dinner out with DH.  Today is the MIL birthday and we are taking her out, among other things, DH will be putting together a shelving unit for her, and then installing a yard light sometime in the next few days. 


  1. I have popcorn ceilings too. Hate. But the thought of scraping is more than I can handle I'm afraid. The arthritis in my hands seems to be getting worse so holding a paintbrush or scraper is not on my agenda. :( blessings, marlene

  2. we had the popcorn ceiling taken off in our bathroom remodel. what a mess but it looks really good. I wish the whole house was like that but no way am I going to have it done!
    Great looking blocks.

  3. Those popcorn ceilings are such a pain!!! We have those in my old house that we now rent out. We need to scrape them and repaint when the current rentals move out - ugh!

    You've been very busy making up some fun blocks! A lot of my friends are doing the Farmer's Wife blocks. They look fun!

  4. I agree on the popcorn ceilings. YUCK you are making great progress in that room. looking good. and you have been a quilting machine too! looks great!


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