Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Holding Back

I am not a proponent of having secrets from DH.  But there was something I was just not willing to tell him.  I have hidden behind the demeanor that I was just not able to cook something.  The reason I hid this from him?

1.  I make  waffles from scratch from a recipe that my ex MIL gave me years ago.  My waffles are FAB-U-LOUS!  When the boys are around they ask me to make them either Waffles or they raid the freezer because most of the time I double the batch and freeze some so that they can take them home, or my other breakfast specialty-

2.  Pancakes.  I have a recipe which again is from scratch that tastes just like the ones my great grandmother used to make me. 

Well I like to have scrambled eggs and hashbrowns but DH is not a hashbrown fan so we compromised and he started making canned biscuits.  One day on the weekend he makes me a breakfast of scrambled eggs, and biscuits, and I totally feel spoiled.

Now DH is a biscuits and gravy type of guy and my tummy cannot handle gravy---don't ask me why but my tummy will be upset all day or night if I have gravy.  I make an excellent gravy not matter what it is for, but I have never made sausage gravy.  The other day DH wanted biscuits and gravy and asked if I would try to make biscuits for him, his reasoning they could not be worse than the biscuits he makes.  I just happened to have the ingredients and I made the humungous mistake of making biscuits and making them good. 

Yep these babies are big and fluffy, the size of a small dessert plate and soak in the gravy and DH will eat biscuits and gravy till the cows come home.  He took one look at my biscuits and one look at me and said-

DH-  Is there anything you would like to share with me
Me-  Such as what?
DH - Where did you learn to make biscuits and how long have you been able to make them
Me-  um well I don't really make them since they are not from scratch-  but I have been making them like this for about 20 years.
DH-  Why have I been making canned biscuits for the past 3 years if you can make biscuits like these?
Me- Well a girl has to hold something back for when the honeymoon is over!  I can't show all my cards at once.

So gone are my days of having breakfast made for me. 

Oh and my recipe is an old one that has been around for years.

Oven 425 Degrees F
1/2 cup butter melted in a 9 X 13 pan-  I put mine in the oven to melt while getting my biscuit dough ready
4 cups bisquick
1 cup of sour cream
1 cup of 7 up

Mix bisquick, sour cream, and 7 up, then put on a lightly floured board (I use a little bisquick).  Knead several times to smooth out but do not overwork.  Cut out with a biscuit cutter and place in 9 X 13 pan.  Cook for 15-18 minutes.

Makes approximately 12 large biscuits.

While I can keep some secrets I am just so totally thrilled with finishing this quilt top.  DH loves it and he is pretty particular.
I finished it late last night and it was too dark to get a pic.  I couldn't wait to hang it up to show it off!


  1. You are too funny! The biscuits look super yummy and I am in total love, love, love with your chevron quilt. Too bad I despise half square triangles or I'd be tempted to make one!

  2. Waouh, these bikkies look just fantastic! Well, I am living in Switzerland, so I dunno know what bisquick is and even if I would know, no chance to get it here.... so sad, I would immediately bake them, truly!!!

  3. Thanks for the recipe...I'm making those....love the dialect between you two....my honeymoon is probably over by now, 35 years, so I'm going to spring these on Ranchman !

  4. My hubby would love those biscuits!! Yummy!

    I can see why he loves your quilt. It is awesome!!!

  5. Hubby loves biscuits , but he will eat the frozen ones

  6. you will be making those biscuits all the time now. they look so delicious! and the quilt? FABULOUS! WOW is all I can say........


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