Saturday, April 12, 2014

Watching the Grass Grow

Wow we have had a few days of warmer temperatures and it has been wonderful.  They say April showers bring May flowers, but DH and have not been really watching the grass grow. 

Early this morning we delivered a newer side by side refrigerator that was going to the dump at DH work.  It is in better condition than the original one we gave her when she acquired her house.  Which meant that one returned to the house once more. 

There are plants which are pushing up through the dirt.
Yep those are dead leave....where they came from I have no idea since I had the beds all raked and cleaned out last fall before all of the snow.

My sticks with leaves are getting bigger.

These are boxwood bushes that I bought 3 years ago.  They arrived and DH called them sticks with leaves.  10 plants for $15, yep they were sticks with leaves.  They have grown quite a bit even over the winter.  Just a few more years and we will have a nice hedge in front of the house.

My roses seem to have survived the winter.

I see green and yes I know they need to be pruned.  Again with the leaves!  This is the undefined flower bed. 

The grass is starting to turn green, and

 the burn pile is growing, and we kept loading my little sad wagon with debris and driving it out to the burn pile for a couple of hours. 

A clump of daffodils are starting to bloom.  Look I was photo bombed by more leaves!
The berry patch has been cleaned out.
The canes need to be trimmed and I need to string the wire and get them tied up to get them more contained.  I have raspberries and blackberries. 

The bed where the strawberries were cleaned out best I could because it is quite damp still so I could not get to the back
Lots of runners and more freakin leaves!

The lone blueberry plant got 3 friends since DH ran over his mate last year with a lawnmower.  I added some sand to the bed.  Maybe I will get blueberries one day.
You can see their little green leaves barely.
The chicken house was finally cleaned out, going to need a good scrubbing with bleach before we do anything else.  It was delivered from a friend's house it had been his dog house and run for years.  The dog passed away and so it was not needed anymore and it found its way down the road to our house.  The problem is it was delivered full of dirt, straw and other debris.  YUCK!

Explain why the weeds turn green and start growing faster than everything else and more stinkin' leaves!

I sewed on my quilter for a while today, then hit the scrap pile.

This pile really is getting smaller, and the bins are starting to fill up.

I have 1 inch strings which are escaping their box so I will have to move to a larger box. 

I also got my stash enhancement for the backing for my barn quilt.  I had to have some Oink a Doodle Moo which I think is just too cute. 
Cows, chickens, pigs, donkeys, barns, silos, and tractors.  Definitely cuteness overload. 

How was your Saturday?


  1. I love your new fabric. The barnyard is so cute.
    Don't you love daffodils? I do. I have one place in my backyard I keep adding more bulbs each year. I want the spot to be full of them during spring.
    I spent the day stacking wood as my husband got it cut and while he was cutting I was cleaning out the garage. After the house renovations it was a mess. Still have more to do.

  2. Our weather was so horrible this fall that the first time anyone got to the leaves to blow and burn was while my husband was away on a mission trip and I hired someone to do it. It took him 30 hours! When we moved into this house there were old sad boxwood hedges that we pulled up. They had not been kept up and were just scraggly as my grandmother would have said. That was 10 years ago and they still have roots that try to come back! blessings, marlene

  3. loved the little "tour" of your garden. some of my daffodils I think were dug up by someone watching me plant them. Ihad 56 bulbs planted and was expecting a spectacular showing. I only see about 7 or so up. I too have leaves all over and was after them every week this past Fall. I guess they showed me! LOL love your barn fabrics!

  4. where did you get that fabric? I am making three boys quilts this year and need some

  5. Our daffadils have come and the fabrics


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