Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Working the Goals

I started January with a small list of goals, and we are partway through April.  I kind of feel like I am getting somewhere.   

I fiinished my Jewel box quilt, well it is at least a flimsy, as well as the Lazy Sunday Mystery which I have been working on quilting.  One of my other goals was to join a quilt guild.  That was a tough one.  First I decided I would attend a meeting to see if I was comfortable.  Last Thursday I attended my first meeting with the Monroe County Quilt Guild.  I attended as a guest. They were a wonderful group of ladies and made me feel so welcome and at ease almost immediately.  So I guess I will be joining the group.  I can't wait looking at their program they have sew many fun and wonderful things going on.  Another goal almost completed.

Remember I told you in yesterday's post that we had snow in the forecast?  We beat the record with 94.8 inches   It snowed off and on all day today, and the temperature was down right frigid.  We finally got to 36 degrees, but with the wind it was more like 28 Degrees F.  DH had to shovel the deck which totally bummed him out. 
Those are my blueberries under the buckets which I am trying to keep them from freezing. 

I sewed my little heart out today and finished my Quilty Barn quilt to a flimsy.
This will be a wall hanging when I am done.  I need to work on my signature block which is a tractor.  The tractor is made, but I am going to embroider my name, and all the other information on that block.

And I am still pressing and cutting scraps.
My bins are getting full.
I had to change out my 1 inch strip bin to a bigger bin, and my smallest square bin to a bigger box. 
Yes I know it does not really look like it but I have made a dent in these really.  My comic book boards came today also.  I have been reading different blogs about fabric folding.  Yardage, fat quarters, fat eighths.  I am sooo ready to get things kind of under control 

Question:  When you organize your stash do you do it by color, or by fabric line?  I don't have the space to do it like I see some people that their strips and squares are sorted by size and color.  But the larger pieces I can sort by color groups. 

I am excited about how far I have gotten on this project.  I have some very scrappy quilts I have in mind to make when I am done. 


  1. Love the house quilt...and the snow not so..
    I dont have very much fabric so i stack has bolts...i only have3 so far lol

  2. I organize by colors when it's larger pieces. Fat quarters are just stacked up in any old way. :) And I have a huge bag of scrap strips waiting to be foundation pieced into a top and another overflowing basket of scrap pieces waiting for cutting into manageable squares and triangles. :) blessings, marlene

  3. great job on your barn quilt. love it.
    i store my fabric by color which is mostly fat quarters and smaller. My big yardage is stored in no particular order.

  4. Wonderful flimsy's...I can't wait to see the jewel box......keep up the good work on your stash, your enthusiasm for getting it done is something to be admired !

  5. You are getting somewhere indeed! Finding a guild where you feel comfortable and get lots of fun activities is so important! I love your Quilty Barn blocks - such fun!!! I store my fabric by color (of course! I'm in love with color LOL) Fat quarters are stored separately, also by color. Anything that's smaller than a fat quarter is considered a scrap and goes in a bin by color. Then my tiny crumbs are also separated into glass jars - you guessed it - by color!

  6. I have no order for storing my fabrics. they are just in see through boxes so I can see what I have when I "shop the stash". love the barn quilt


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