Monday, April 14, 2014

Neighbor Watching

It has been a busy couple of days.  We had beautiful weather, and I worked both Sunday and Monday.  Luckily I got home pretty early both days, but Sunday I was pretty much a lump.  Today was a whole different story though.

I rearranged my sewing area in the living room.  We had to rewire the machine last week because the cord finally cracked.  I also wanted a bit more light, and I wanted to be able to plug in my stereo to listen to my Kindle.  I found a surge strip, plugged the sewing machine, stereo, and light in.  Then I discovered that my stereo did not have an auxiliary plug which kind of put a stop to my Kindle listening.  But then I remembered I had an old alarm clock upstairs which can play an I pod and has an auxiliary jack, which means that I can plug in my Kindle.  Sweet! 

I worked on the barn sashing, eleven down I am going to do 5 more for a total of 16 which would be 4 X 4.  I have 3 barns that I do not like how they look with the rest of the blocks, those will be turned into a table runner or maybe some throw pillows.

Between sashing barns I would cut scraps,  but then I got distracted.

The neighbor had a big truck with a flat bed trailer arrive, it was interesting watching it try to back into the driveway.  Yep that did not go well.  I wish I had got more pictures, because they had to bring a flat bed tow truck in, load a tractor onto the flat bed tow truck, back the tow truck up to the big flat bed truck and drive the tractor on.  During this whole process it poured, the wind picked up and it was just miserable outside.  I will say it was definitely entertaining, but also kind of sad watching the equipment leave since the widow is selling off all the farm implements.  

I did put together one block for my Drunkard's path.  I wanted to calculate how many blocks I would have to make, and how large the blocks would turn out.  I think I have the math figured out.

I also found some fabrics to make propeller blocks for the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt.  I have enough cut to make 2 more blocks, but also found some fabrics to possibly cut out the rest of the blocks for that section.
I told you here that I purchased and planted 3 more blueberry plants to go with the one remaining the DH did not mow down last year.  Guess what?  They are projecting snow 1-2 inches tomorrow morning and cold.  So I put buckets over them to hopefully keep them from freezing their delicate leaves. 
Michigan may just break their record which is from the 1890's and it would mean that we had over 93 inches in the year.  Not too sure if it is a record that we should want to break especially since it is April.


  1. ARE YOU MAKING THE GREEN TEA AND SWEET BEANS QUILT? I saw it on pinterest and now I think I should make one!

  2. drunkard's path is another block I haven't ever made.
    hope your blueberries make it.

  3. Will your Drunkard's path be all red and white? I bet that would be very striking! You are almost done with your barn quilt, yeah!


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