Friday, April 11, 2014

Shopping the Stash

I love to use scraps.  I have only made a couple of quilts with a single line of fabric, most of the time I love to put stuff together.  For a long time I would only buy fat quarters, not really committing to a single line.  I have started to buy at least 1 yard cuts now since a lot of times I purchase fabric online.

The downside is there are times when I run out of a fabric I am using such as with my Barns.  I did purchase some fabrics which I thought would look cute with the barns for sashing, but I wanted to add some fabrics so I started digging!

Yikes this scrap box escaped its containment!

There is also another box above it smaller, but just as out of control.
I think I may need to work on cutting up some of these scraps into the scrap system of strips and squares.  I realized many of this huge box of scraps-  yes that is an apple box are from clothes that I made my girls years ago and they are all mid twenties or older.

Up in the left hand corner you can see a pile of green and teal fabrics that I pulled off the shelf and neglected to return while shopping my stash too. I really need to get some organization going, maybe then my room would not look like a tornado went through it.

But I found a big enough scrap to use for a barn sashing.

I was looking for the fun cherry print which I is on the top sashing of the block.  I love that print and I purchased it years ago and made my youngest daughter tank tops from it which were soooo cute.The blue gingham with embroidered dragonflies was also made into the same style tank.  It was fun shopping my stash and there are are some things I need to add to it.  I don't have much in blue, purple or red, which is funny because red is my favorite color, and I need to get larger cuts of fabric for backings when I see something on sale so I am not searching when I want to finish something up.

 Recently I had a new visitor to my blog- Sew You Quilt 2 and she hosts a Relaxing Robin (you can get the details from the link).  Take a UFO or orphan block and build up around it until you have a table topper, or medallion quilt.  I have a few Orphans around my house so I chose one and am considering the possibilities. 
I think this will be sew fun.  No pressure you are not sending your blocks anywhere it will clean up those poor orphan blocks who languish in your projects without a place to be.

Looking at this block it is the one that I taught my mother last year you can see it here on this post.  But also see that fabric with the little blue flowers?  I made a dress for my oldest daughter who is now 30 to go under a little teal corduroy jumper when she was in kindergarten!  

OK Enough of the blast from the past.  My camera died and I have no idea where the cord is anymore, and it needs new batteries, then my batteries in my mouse died (I love my mouse) so I have been trying to create this post through my phone and I definitely need to go to the store. 


  1. oh fun. can't wait to see how it will come along......

  2. What fun you had on your "shopping" expedition.

  3. Having my scraps cut up in usable sizes has really helped me to bust them and use them. =) Your barn block is so cute!!


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