Sunday, May 17, 2015


Do you ever have times where it seems that things keep finding their way into your home and you are just not too sure what to do with them?

A cow horn cigar ashtray!  Not that anyone in this house smokes.  This belonged to DH grandfather, the MIL found it while cleaning out "the room" in her basement.  The room which is stacked floor to ceiling, front to back with boxes of stuff that we need a dry weekend to clean out after we borrow a dump truck.   

A crystal ice bucket.  No tongs, and not that we would use an ice bucket because we do not drink alcohol, and we have an ice maker in our freezer.  Again from the MIL house, this was something "The Bling Lady" gave her that she thought we needed.  I managed to nix the goose canister set thank goodness!

I also received a couple of magnifying glasses.  This one personifies "The Bling Lady".

I am feeling much better lately.  I have days which are frustrating, but I am learning, and I seem to have much more energy than I did previously.  

Do you have things that seem to find their way into your home?  


  1. I think that the crystal ice bucket would look great filled with colored thread! Give away the stuff you don't want!!!

  2. I too can see the ice bucket filled with fat quarters or something along that line. or flowers to treat yourself for that matter
    the cow horn is very unusual. if it has sentimental value I would put it in the back row of a china cabinet hidden LOL
    good luck! glad you are feeling better my friend

  3. I think we all have "treasures" like the cow horn! LOL That little magnifying glass is really something beautiful and useful. Glad you're starting to feel better!

  4. I am always accumulating things and am running out of room! LOL

  5. I have things like that too ! Ugh....don't really want them, but hate to get rid of them. What are you going to do with that ashtray ?

  6. Oh yes, I keep on uncovering "things" that meant a lot to other relations and/or friends that Mom collected. And i cannot figure out what to do with them--so right now most of them are up in the attic in a big box marked with a huge question mark....hope you feel better very soon...hang in there...hugs, Julierose

  7. Both my folks were smokers so I have a collection of about 80 ashtrays in a cardboard box in the garage - just never gonna invite them into the house!
    The Mother.

  8. So glad to read you are feeling better. Goose canisters, I dodge them too.

  9. I collect way too many things! LOL. Too bad for my kids!


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