Saturday, May 23, 2015

He's Back

I just want to preface this post that my husband is the greatest and I know he doesn't mean to do the things that happen but......there is a reason why I call him Conan the Plant Destroyer.  If you do not know the story you can read about it here

A couple of weeks ago I was weeding the flower beds and mentioned to DH it would be nice to have a hand held hula or hoop hoe, and maybe he could make me one?  I have seen a couple on Amazon and they are kind of expensive.

The same day I mentioned the hoe, I also planted my perennials I got for mother's day, and prepared the planter where we grow our lettuce, and had enough seeds to plant a row of a romaine, and a couple of leaf lettuces.

Thursday I came home and DH said:  Look what I made you!

He went on to tell me how well they work, and look I cleaned out the lettuce planter.  I just looked at him and said you didn't!  I shook my head and walked away.  Those were not weeds, those were lettuce starting to sprout.

These were my two volunteer plants but you can see a couple of seedling starts.
I have a few seedlings which remained, until 'The Finn' helped today.  This is all that is left of my lettuce seedlings.  I will start again tomorrow.

My tomatoes look good.  They are ready to go into the garden tomorrow. 

The flower beds were cleaned out pretty well.
The tall purple are columbine, the shorter purple are heliotrope.
The weigela is coming along.  The picture is not great but the smell is fabulous.
The creeping phlox is creeping and filling in nicely.

We had the kids today.  They were put to work helping weed the berry patches, and the flower beds, spreading manure, and getting ready to plant seeds.  I feel like everything is going in so late, but all of my plants so 60-80 days to maturity so I think we will be fine.  Yes Conan the Plant Destroyer struck again, and he brought his progeny to help now.  :D

I am hoping to get the garden in early tomorrow so I have time to sew. 


  1. Oh no!! I went back and read your Planting history!! yikers!! My Grand'mere would say your hubby has a "Black" thumb (or maybe the whole hand??lol--) and now he has "helpers"??? Good luck --maybe this will be the year nothing gets mown down.. you can always hope....hugs, Julierose

  2. my hubs is a city boy too so I feel your pain.

  3. Oh well, at least he does try and help.

  4. Lol! FUnny story. SPring is late here too. I'm hoping that means summer won't be too hot???

  5. I'm sorry, really I am, but I'm laughing hysterically at this because I feel your pain. Your poor little plants! I have to point out all the sprouts (repeatedly) to my hubby so he won't "weed" them away. Beautiful flowers!

  6. I totally feel your pain! Last year my hubby trimmed back the hostas. I made him promise to not trim them again this year.

  7. I don't know the difference between weeds or my flowers, so my flower beds are over run with weeds. LOL

  8. Ha..haha... sorry to laugh but the way you tell it is so funny - we went back and looked at his previous attempts to help - oh my... he really is bad isn't he! At least the tools he made look cool. Ha!

  9. Maybe buy him a book about Vega, hugs

  10. Maybe you need to put signs up when you plant, letting him know what has been planted there. At least he means well. Looks like you've gotten lots done in the couple of weeks I was away.

  11. At least he does not disappoint! He is living up to his name! Your hoes look really awesome though, I hope those work out for you. All your plants look like they are doing well (except the lettuce).

  12. HAHA I love it when they "help". Almost as helpful as the cats in the sewing room!!


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