Saturday, May 16, 2015

Prep Work Pays

Friday I had a rain delay.  LOL  that sounds funny, but the youngest daughter's SO works in lawn maintenance so if there has been a lot of rain, it sets them back a bit.  That meant that I didn't have to be there until around until 9.

I had time to sew Friday morning!  I didn't do much sewing but lots of prepping for the next day I would have to sew.  Digging through my scrap boxes, finding the perfect pieces which were the right size.

With those scraps I got the center block ready for the Aurifil BOM from 2014 on Saturday.  I still need to  sew the pieces down, but they are all glued to the center square.

I also found pieces for my yoyo quilt that I want to make and got some squares cut. 
I am trying to get a few of these blocks cut so that I can begin to do some more handwork while I am watching the kids. I probably should also get hexies ready so that I can work on that too.

Monroe County Quilt Guild has a challenge quilt competition every year.  The challenge this year is use the first initial in your first, middle, and last name and design a quilt.  It must be at least 12 inches per side, but not larger than 30 inches per side.  Those initials could represent a color, block, embellishment, or element in the fabric.

This is the challenge fabric.

I actually had an idea rolling around in my head, but didn't want to use my fabric until I knew if it would work or not.   I tried charting it out in EQ7 but I could not get it to work, so out came my handy dandy graph paper, and colored pencils.  Once I was finished  charting, and calculating I decided that I would rather use scrap fabric to see if it would work or not.

I made it a bit smaller than I graphed out to see if it worked.  The sample ended up being only 10 inches on a side, but I am adding at least 2 more churn dashes so I can make the size requirements, especially after I add borders.  Now to pull my fabrics and get it ready, that way I will be done before the October deadline. 

Speaking of quilt guild, I forgot to share what I won as a door prize.
Such a timely win.  I needed more needle threaders, I had just broken my last one!  I also always wanted one of the bodkins for turning tubes. 

I am so glad I got so much prepped to work on in the future. 


  1. love your churndashes idea and cant wait to see it in the challenge fabric.
    hmmmm thats a cool challenge

  2. I love your little sample quilt.

  3. Linked churn dashes are so cute--very nice colors, too...hugs,
    Julierose--still rest-euse ;--)))

  4. You did get a lot of prepping done! I love days like that - they give you a sense of real satisfaction - love the idea of linked together churn dashes.

  5. I really like your churndash block and that challenge fabric !

  6. I could never come up with an original design in either my sewing or cake decorating. That is pure talent for you!


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