Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Changes and Good-byes

I know life is full of ups and downs, but I think I am sure ready for a bit of normal.  The last few days have been very busy with doctor's appointments, dietician appointments, and some serious lifestyle changes.

Saturday we told "The Bling Lady" goodbye.  DH helped her nephew load up the van and they were off heading toward Florida.  It was a bittersweet goodbye, I will miss her she is such a sweet lady, and she was family.  DH and I had lunch with the MIL which we picked up at the little Mexican grocery store near "The Bling Lady's" house.  

Sunday was Mother's Day-- the youngest daughter and the grandsons came to visit Saturday evening and  brought me an Asian Lily to plant in the yard, and two of the other daughters called and texted, and I called my mom and wished her Happy Mother's Day.  Sometimes living so far away from my family is sad. 

I have been watching the kids for the youngest daughter a few days a week.  The Finn and I get to play, and do some serious bonding.  While I am there I do my cross stitch,  embroidery or read. I think that maybe I should figure out some sort of handwork I can do there too.  I could do hexies, or have been considering making a yoyo quilt.  I saw one that was red white and blue that I loved. 

I finished the 'R' on the Redword Words of Wisdom, and started the letter 'S'. 

I finished all the outlining for the tractor.  It is finished until I stitch the name which will take just a few minutes. 

I found an old cross stitch piece which just needs the outlining finished and also started on the next cross stitch stocking cuff piece for my SIL.  I am not showing the old cross stitch piece it is so dirty I am embarrassed.  Hopefully when I am finished and take it off the frame I can get the dirt off. 

I charted all of the names for all of the stockings which I need to make last week so now I just need to get stitching.  I have patterns picked out, and ordered, and I think I need one more to have them all ready.  I wonder if I can manage to get a stocking finished for everyone this year?

I did do a wee bit of sewing.  I got a row of sashing and cornerstones sewn together and attached to the Farmer's Wife quilt.  Now I can start on the next row of blocks and sashing. 

I also decided I would join the Farmer's Wife QAL.  I am already a couple of weeks behind.

Apron Strings

Autumn Star

 I didn't choose any specific fabrics.  I just started pulling scraps out of my scrap bins.  I have one more block but I probably won't get to that until Thursday.

One day that it was nice last week I transplanted my tomato plant seedlings.

They had outgrown their mini green house so I decided to transplant them into a big container something that they will be able to grow big enough to be transplanted into the garden once they get to be about 6 inches tall.  Solo cups from the dollar store!  Cheaper than peat pots or other containers! 

These are an organic seed which I purchased from Territorial Seed Company.  It is a Roma tomato which is supposed to be about 7 inches long.  After transplanting I ended up with about 30 plants. 

DH and I are adjusting to the lifestyle change.  I do need to try to exercise more which should help lower and stabilize my blood sugar.  I have lost 3 lbs, DH has lost about 7!  I have been drinking much more water, and much less soda.  The only real challenge is that I have to learn a new way of eating, I can't quite figure out why low fat usually means high carbohydrates, and low carb means high in fat so trying to eat this way seems counter intuitive to what I would normally do.  I am also not a fan of poking my finger to monitor my blood sugar. 


  1. No soda is good...keep the water going girl. THings will feel better soon..change...esp. diet....always takes awhile. Sounds like you have been keeping busy though...and know what you mean when ya said, living away from family is sometimes sad.

  2. I have another friend that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I too am trying to adjust diet and exercise, so I'm right there with you.

    Love seeing all your projects and hope that babysitting means we will see some more photos of the adorable Finn and the chicken girls!
    Pugs and kisses,

  3. I'm not at the pricking my finger stage (I would hate that, too) but I'm suppose to watch my sugar and lose weight. Ugh! My daughter has me doing modified burpees everyday for exercise. I'm up to 35 and that might just be my max. I feel way too old for burpees, even modified ones! And, I can't help it...the Red Solo Cup song is running through my head. LOL

  4. I'm sure they told you there are good fats and bad fats. Lots of people don't listen to the doctor, glad you are...now you know why you were so tired all the time...right?

  5. Here I am again after an eventful couple of weeks. Sorry you've not been weell - I presume you've been told you have Type 2 diabetes? I went through that too and the insulin medication made me feel worse, so I stopped it and kept it under control through my diet. Then I lost weight by eating low fat, high carb foods ( 35 lbs so far) and my sugar level is absolutely normal all the time. The doctor and I are both happy!


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