Thursday, May 14, 2015

Small Steps

Thursday is guild day, so I don't watch the kids.  I try to pack as much in my day as possible.  Small steps get things done.

DH bought me a flat of annuals for Mother's Day.  Of course since then it has been raining, or I have been taking care of the kids so I didn't have an opportunity to plant until today.  I weeded a large section of my flower bed, and planted the flat.  I also got my lettuce seeds planted. These are seeds from last year, hopefully they will still sprout.

This picture is from last year, but surprisingly I already have some volunteer lettuce so it looks much like this already.

I did block 3 for the Farmgirl Vintage QAL.
Isn't this chick cute?

I finished up the letter 'S' for the Redwork Words of Wisdom quilt.

I started on the letter 'T'.
I also worked a bit on my cross stitch for the stocking cuff for my SIL.
It is coming along. 

I took out quilting, I am still having tension problems.  I tried using a singer needle and it was better, but still after a minute I started to have problems.   I have one more thing to try, I was trying to use a 40 wt Mako on the top and a 50 wt Mako on the bottom in the bobbin.  I ordered  the 40 wt to match the color in the bobbin.  Hopefully that will solve the problem. 

I also started working on another row for the Farmer's Wife quilt.  I got a few blocks and sashing for the row put together. 

Tonight at quilt guild we had a learning from within.  A lady showed how to use EQ, another how to make yoyos using the clover yoyo tool, another showed how she makes art quilts, and another how to make silhouette quilts.  It was fun.  I have been prepping pieces to make a yoyo quilt from scraps so it was nice to see how the tool worked.  DH also bought me EQ7 for my birthday in February.  I haven't taken the time to learn it, but the short 15 minute class at guild I think may help me along. 

I think getting little bits done is better than not getting anything done at all, especially considering how often I am home now. 


  1. love that chick! I need to plant my lettuce. I am jealous we had frost the other night so a little too chilly yet but maybe this weekend.......

  2. Little chick is so adorable--love it! Still coolish here to plant my basil and Fr. tarragon--just have a little bed of herbs this season. Nice gift of EQ7--I don't "do" any tech stuff too easily (actually not at all!!) so haven't looked into that. Good luck with it...hugs, Julierose

  3. I love your Farmgirl Vintage Block. It is so cute. LOVE your redwork! And the cross-stitch you are working on looks adorable. I hope you have great success with your lettuce seeds!

  4. Beware of EQ7! I find it sucks me in and I happily spend hours playing with it. I now have so many quilts designed that I will never live long enough to make them all in three lifetimes!

  5. Your chicken is adorable... and boy have we gotten the rain here...sheweeeeee when will it dry out?

  6. Love your chick, I like having lots of things to work on, keeps me from getting bored

  7. Great that you are getting ready with all your planting. Love, love your cutie chick and lovely red work.

  8. I'm loving seeing the progress of your quilt...that chick is my favorite! EQ7 is so fun to play in, but I'm such an amateur at it. Love it anyway!

  9. Yes mam, that is a cute chick ! Your redwork is coming right along !


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