Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

Welcome to the first day of May.  Well actually it is late in the day since I am usually a day behind in posts.

I have not been feeling well since my bout with the flu in March.  I will have a bit of energy but then after a day or two I am exhausted.  Fast forward to last Wednesday, and I was experiencing a scratchy throat, sore ear, and sneezing.  It quickly turned into what felt like the flu and the beginning of either bronchitis, or pneumonia, and massive amounts of coughing.  I ended up having Strep B.  I also have my body chemistry all thrown off, and am scheduled for some serious follow up appointments in the near future.  BLECH!

May is going to be a busy month since it will be lots of yard work, house cleaning, and getting the garden in.  Here is what I would like to work on.

1.  Farmer's Wife
Maybe a row or two would be nice at least.

2.  Grand Illusion

I would like to get a few more blocks put together.

3.  Slow stitching

 The tractor needs some love!

b.  Redwork Wisdom finish Q and maybe R
4.  Swoon

I have 2 blocks made, and the fabric picked out for the other 7.  I just need to get it cut out.

Yellow Brick Road I have been cutting and sewing and am about 2/3 finished with the blocks. 

6.   Quilting

7.  2014 Aurifil BOM quilt.  I finished the embroidery for the center square.  I need to finish sewing it.

My goals are kind of just let's finish some things up for the next couple of months. 


  1. Strep is never fun. Take time to heal (and take your meds).

  2. You have got to get better, hugs

  3. Strep is horrible. We are hoping you will be much better soon and back to full strength and energy.


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