Saturday, May 2, 2015

What to Read

When I was growing up my mother was going to college to become a school teacher.  What did it mean to me? I had a "reading list" of books which I would read and write a book report for her to review. Good thing I always had a stack of book reports at the ready for the new school year, downside?  We lived in the country and I was limited to books I could find on our shelves and borrow from friends and family.  The local library was very small and did not have a huge selection, but I was a voracious reader.

I don't know how you feel about your education but I will share that when I was in school, they were moving away from a literature based education.  When I took Lit class in college it was a struggle.  I always read stories for the story, not for the social implications, or subtext, foreshadowing-none of that really mattered to me.  The bad part of that is I have never really read books which would be considered great literature.  I have read Ivanhoe, The House of Seven Gables, and The Jungle, but I have never read The Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies,  or many of the others which are considered to be must reads. 

When I was a kid I enjoyed sci -fi, and fantasy, when I got older I enjoyed mysteries.  I try to read more genres but I am a sucker for a mystery.  A couple of my girlfriends from school are college professors, and we always get quite a discussion going online each year when the lists of 100 Books Everyone Should Read are published. True the books change a bit every year, but I was intrigued by how many I have and haven't read. 

This link will take you to List Challenges.

I have only read on the average of about 15 books in total from any of these lists.    I decided that maybe I need to spread my wings a bit more.  There are many great  Authors that I have not read so I am going to work on rectifying that.  

I have been trying to be good about purchases.  But when I saw this FQ bundle on special at Missouri Star a couple of weeks ago I had to have it.  Love the purples to blues of the Kona and it was very inexpensive.  

On a different note, I hate going to the doctors, I miss the days where you had a primary physician and you grew up with them until they retired.  I now go to DH physician, but we have not really established any sort of real relationship that I would go for a physical.  I have had quite the case of strep, so off to the doctor's office I went.  I am still not feeling spectacular, but while I was in the office (the  opportunists that they are) took a bunch of blood, and urine samples and sent me on the way.  Let's just say that I am going to have to do some serious lifestyle changes.  I am having a tough time with some of them, and I will go over those side affects with the Dr at my next appointment.

Being that I am not feeling well I don't feel like I am really up to doing a lot of sewing, but embroidery, especially if it is just redwork seems to be easy.  I finished the letter Q for my Redwork Words of Wisdom.

I know that many quilters are readers too.   What do you like to read?  If you checked out the lists how did you do? 


  1. Skip most of those so called 'classics' like Lord of the Flies (horrible). Read what you enjoy. I love light hearted mysteries.

  2. Dear Colette,
    Well I can certainly empathize with you over the health issue! Like you, I am also a voracious reader, although I've only read 33 of the books on the list. What fun! Thanks for sharing. Although I agree with Cheryl, read what you like. I think that some of the "classics" are dreadfully out dated and yuck. Ever tried to read Moby Dick? Boring!

    Love your new FQ bundle! Take care of yourself!

    Pugs and kisses,

  3. I love to read. Reading was my favorite thing to do as a child and I still read as much as my eyes will allow. Although I did not mind book reports and such, I mostly enjoyed finding my own books and reading for pleasure. I read many of the books on the amazon 100 list "because I had to" at one time or another in my life and did not enjoy them. Although I do enjoy finding books through recommendations of others, I have always followed my own path in most things and do not follow lists. Right now I am halfway through a Nicholas Sparks book, an enjoyable read.

    Since I enjoy real stories from real people in real places. I have found that bloggers provide a wonderful outlet for my love of the written word and I love the photos.

    Thanks for the thought provoking read today on your blog ... :) Pat

  4. I read jars and cans and anything left in front of me but love mystery's

  5. Mysteries--especially ones set in England--are my absolute favorite. I have read a lot of the classics over the years--but give me a good mystery any day for relaxing and fun reading. Like Barbara-I read labels, ads, anything I especially like to read Quilting magazine ads--you'd be surprised all the info they give...hugs, hope you are feeling better soon--rest up and don't push...Julierose

  6. So sorry to hear you are dealing with some medical issues. Perhaps reading a good book will be the perfect remedy for taking care of yourself!

  7. Yep, can relate to them getting hold of you and checking everything and suddenly lifestyle and diet need to change! Meanies! Chocolate comes from a bean - surely it is a vegetable!
    One year for Miss He's home school we decided to read 50 books in the year. In the end she read 50+ and I read 100. A huge variety but all just ones we wanted to read.

  8. Its hard for me to read during the school year. But I enjoy reading in the summer and have been enjoying the Elm Street Quilt series.


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